Month: August 2011

  • SATC Fashion Week Party!

    What a busy week ! Fashion Week fun has kept us well occupied. Special thanks to everyone who braved the heat and made it out to Premiere’s Sex and the City Party Wednesday evening. Ladies, you all looked fabulous ! And to Ken, Premiere’s Creative Director, thanks for the fun concept and stellar execution. Pink […]

  • Fashion Week!

    It’s Fashion Week in Austin and we’re delighted to be the Official Rental Provider for Fashion Week 2011. Tonight’s Driskill show starts at 8 PM and features Jewelry. Wednesday evening is Swim and Resort wear and Thursday is Edgy and Electric. When you’re there, be sure to stop by Premiere’s Hospitality Suite in the Austin […]

  • Inventory Surplus Sale!

  • Appreciation: Part One

    We’re fortunate to receive many thank you notes from satisfied customers. It’s always gratifying to know that your work is appreciated and that folks with whom you do business care enough to take the time and tell you so. This week our VP of Operations (that’s Rick . . . the staff member who handles […]

  • Cooked: Final Entry

    This post completes the “Chef Jeff” series of blog posts derived from Chef Jeff Henderson’s, Author of “Cooked”, opening address at the 2011 NACE Educational Conference. This series of posts has described 5 steps toward becoming the person (or company / organization) you were meant to be – – – the very best you that […]

  • Strengths and Weaknesses

    Know Your Strengths – – – that’s another key that Chef Jeff Henderson, author of “Cooked”, suggests is essential to becoming the person, or organization, that you want and dream to be. And the second part of the “know your strengths” equation . . . knowing your weaknesses, is arguably as important. Most of us […]

  • Cooked: 3rd Installment

    This is the 3rd installment in our exploration of Chef Jeff Henderson’s NACE Experience address in Reno. We’ve already talked about Henderson’s first two steps on the road to becoming the person (or business) you want to be. The first step was “Build Your Brand” and the second was “Be Extraordinary”. The third step, and […]

  • Cooked: 2nd Installment

    Here’s the second installment of our blog discussion surrounding Cooked, My Journey From the Streets to the Stove, by Jeff Henderson. We’re talking about the 5 ways to maximize your potential and position yourself (or your company or organization) for success. The principle we discussed last week was Building Your Brand, and we described how […]

  • Premiere featured in Rental Pulse!

    Text from Rental Pulse Magazine. To view the original article, please click here. Premiere Party Central shows the heart of Texas giving 08/07/2011 Note: This is the latest in a series of ARA Foundation spotlights on the philanthropic efforts of those within the rental industry. If you have a story about how you give your time […]

  • Eat The Heat!

    Everyone get excited! NACE Austin’s annual fundraiser, Eat The Heat is less than a week away! Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance! Proceeds benefit The Smile Never Fades, so it’s for a really good cause!