Month: December 2017

  • Bridal Extravaganza 2018

    New year, new Bridal Extravaganzas! If you were one of the lucky ones who got engaged over the holiday break, you might want to check this out. The Bridal Extravaganza comes three times a year, with the first show of 2018 in January (6th and 7th). The Bridal Extravaganzas are a great place for people […]

  • Wedding Advice: Including the Extended Family

    If you are planning your upcoming wedding, you have probably run into how best to include your extended family in your wedding planning. Because somehow, it seems as soon as you’re engaged, everyone has an opinion to share. Perhaps you’re trying to decide how best to include your step father without stepping on your father’s […]

  • In memory of those we wish could be there

    If you are planning your wedding and have lost someone who matters to you or your partner, you are likely trying to think of ways that you might honor them on your big day. Whether it be a grandparent, parent, fur baby or a friend, if they mattered to you and you want them present […]

  • Entertaining your littlest guests

    If you are engaged or planning a wedding, chances are at least one of your guests has a child or children that you are including in your guest list as well. Perhaps they are the flower girl, or the ring bearer or just a good friends little nugget. If you are planning on having children […]