Month: June 2020

  • Celebrate Your Special Day the Safe (and Sane) Way, Part II

    In Part I of this Safe and Sane series, we addressed gathering size restrictions and social distancing. Today’s post elaborates on properly socially distanced space-planning options, creative ways to embrace responsible masking and convenient options for “portable” hand sanitizing stations. Let’s Lean In (defined as make an effort; work hard at; show determination and perserverence […]

  • Celebrate Your Special Day the Safe (and Sane) Way Part 1

      Is it truly possible, absent a COVID-19 vaccine or effective, reliable treatment to safely celebrate your wedding or host a special event? Is there a sane, reasonable way to gather family and friends, in relatively proximity, without taking unnecessary risks or making unwise compromises? This post, and one that will follow tomorrow, suggests some […]