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  • Future Wedding Forecast: Tips and Trends, Part II

    The crystal ball that would enable us to comfortably predict the wedding and event future  is decidedly cloudy. The whole fabric of our society has been disrupted in recent months and weeks, and today we’re plagued with uncertainty and doubt.  But we do know that  Life, including wedding and event life, Will Go On. Here […]

  • Future Wedding Forecast: Tips and Trends, Part I

    Predicting Fall, 2020 and Spring, 2021 wedding and event trends requires making bold assumptions and careful preparations for a Post-COVID 19 shutdown world.  Let’s proceed with the hope and belief that, in the coming months, when the curve is once again flattened and new COVID cases are on the decline, we are free and willing  […]

  • Celebrate Your Special Day the Safe (and Sane) Way, Part II

    In Part I of this Safe and Sane series, we addressed gathering size restrictions and social distancing. Today’s post elaborates on properly socially distanced space-planning options, creative ways to embrace responsible masking and convenient options for “portable” hand sanitizing stations. Let’s Lean In (defined as make an effort; work hard at; show determination and perserverence […]

  • Celebrate Your Special Day the Safe (and Sane) Way Part 1

      Is it truly possible, absent a COVID-19 vaccine or effective, reliable treatment to safely celebrate your wedding or host a special event? Is there a sane, reasonable way to gather family and friends, in relatively proximity, without taking unnecessary risks or making unwise compromises? This post, and one that will follow tomorrow, suggests some […]

  • Take Nothing For Granted

    “It’s not a bad idea to occasionally spend a little time thinking about things you take for granted. Plain everyday things.” ~ Evan Davis I’m guilty! Guilty of the failure to appreciate, sometimes even to notice just how good I’ve had it – how good we’ve all had it.  By comparison to life in the […]

  • Embrace the Unexpected

    “There’s always going to be circumstances you can’t plan for. There’s always the unexpected . . . ~ Jason Silva “It is the individual’s ability to deal with the unexpected that characterizes the difference between success and failure.” ~ Ross Perot “We must stop regarding unpleasant or unexpected things as interruptions of real life. The […]

  • Dear Industry Friends and Colleagues

      Dear Industry Friends and Colleagues, A month or so ago today, our industry could not possibly have imagined the chaos, confusion and consternation that lay in store for our teams and our companies. Just when you think you’ve seen and lived through it all, from Y2K to 9-11, financial crisis and global depression to […]

  • Wedding Survival Guide: Bridesmaid Edition

    Being a bridesmaid is both a beautiful honor to accept and a great responsibility. As part of the wedding party, you’re on the guest list for all of the wedding events, from the engagement party to the bachelorette party. These expenses and pressures can add up. Follow this guide to ensure you’re prepared and you […]

  • Tidewater Tent

    It is no secret that we love tents. They come in all different sizes and styles so you can really get exactly the tent you want for your event. One of our favorite tents though? The Tidewater Tents. Allow us to explain. This tent one of our most “fashionable” tents, in our opinion. It is […]

  • Importance of Linens

     Well everyone, it’s that time of the year again! The last Bridal show of 2019 has come and gone, which means Premiere’s annual linen special has begun in case you didn’t know! With our 2020 linen special in progress, we found it vital to discuss the importance of linens and how they can change the […]