>Wedding Trends 2010-Moving Forward, Looking Backward

>A Guest Blog by Diane Lyerly

Trends in weddings appear to be in sync with the new, leaner economy and the renewed idea of downsizing prevalent with the American public. Couples want to create an event with style, without appearing to be ostentatious. Also, known as “approachable design,” this trend approaches the wedding with want vs. need. People want to feel good, but they want it at a price. Some of the ideas that work in approachable design are tied to the past, family, & other emotional connections. Color plays easily into this mix. Colorful linens make the biggest impact at a wedding reception. Economy linens, which come in over 50 colors, can be rented from your local rental company and matched with hand me down lace overlays, old hankerchiefs, grandma’s china and other flea market or Craig’s List finds. One bride we know of, recently bid for over 100 old hankies on ebay and is using them as place mats at her guest tables. Every one is unique, many are made in Europe, and they take us back to a memory from childhood.

Connecting with memories is a trend going forward. For brides & grooms to achieve this connection, an inspiration board will come in handy. They should tear pages out of magazines, use favorite photos, fabric swatches, and attempt to create the mood they want to set for their wedding. Inspiration boards can help the couple narrow their focus and decide what they need vs. what they want. Wedding planners often ask their couples to create an inspiration board, so that they can successfully portray who they are and what is important to them. Some of the trends that keep popping up with today’s couples are Rustic, Romantic, Vintage, Sparkle, Fun, & Whimsical. These trends incorporate lace, wood, iron, mismatched items, & shiny baubbles purchased from the hobby store or found at garage sales.

Color trends are really changing too. Today there is no wrong combination of colors. Combinations of multiple colors are trending strong. The color trends start in fashion and then reach over to home décor and then party design. To get an idea of what colors are at the forefront of a new trend check current Pantones. Right now grey & yellow used together are strong as is teal (or pool) paired with copper & a touch of blue. Don’t be afraid to use more than 2 colors. Violet, bronze & orange making a stunning threesome. Predictions for 2011 color: teal & yellow.

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