Bride’s Guide to Wedding Decision Making

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – you’re making them daily as you plan and prepare for your Big Day. The budget, the venue, the vibe, the guest list, the menu. Who will you ask to be in the bridal party? Will you have assigned seating, a sweetheart table, reserved family space? Making these choices, and so many more may seem overwhelming. Some bridal couples find managing the countless pre-wedding details a struggle rather than a pleasure. A planning professional can certainly help alleviate some pre-wedding stress, but no one can relieve you of the necessity to decide. You can abdicate your decision making authority . . . give away your power to chart your wedding course and choose your ceremony and reception direction, but unless you want to accept what someone else might choose on your behalf, all the major wedding decisions are ultimately yours to make. Here are a few suggestions for successfully managing the decision making process in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding of your dreams.

Start Early. There’s absolutely nothing to be gained by waiting, so start the planning process early. You’ll have a broader range of options and a greater likelihood of securing everything and everyone you want on the day that you prefer. The most popular venues, planners, caterers, florists, photographers and other wedding professionals are more likely to be available when you make your inquiries and negotiate a contract well in advance. Meeting your rental needs is also easier when time is on your side.  The longer you wait, the greater the chance that the place, company, person or rental inventory you really want may not be available to meet your needs or fulfill your wishes.

There are a myriad of other benefits to getting ahead of the planning curve. Early planning may afford the opportunity to take advantage of special offers or incentives provided by your various vendors. Stretching your financial wedding obligations over a longer period of time can help minimize sizeable “final payments” and enable you to better manage your wedding budget.  And should a pre-wedding setback occur, having sufficient time to recover is a huge advantage. If problems or issues arise, you have more flexibility to devise creative solutions or search out other workable options. Remember this – you can never be too early, you can only be too late!

Utilize Your Resources. The internet is a veritable treasure trove of helpful wedding ideas and useful information. Peruse the various national wedding sites for ideas and inspiration. Comb the local online resources for vendor information and potential specials. Google “wedding planning tools” and you’ll be amazed at the no-cost and low-cost DIY planning tools. With a better appreciation of what’s involved in making your wedding vision a reality, conduct your own cost-benefits analysis and decide whether or not hiring professional planning help is the right move for you. Busy student or full-time employee, remember the value of your time and the stress you may experience come at a cost . . . don’t underestimate those intangibles when you’re weighing the benefits of outside assistance.

Willing and available family and friends are another resource upon which you may draw. Gather advice and ask for opinions. Don’t be afraid to get help when you need it . . . even if it’s just a listening ear or an objective sounding board. If someone you know and whose opinion you value has recently been through the planning process, ask what they learned or what they’d do differently. Benefit from the mistakes they might have made or the successes they experienced.

Be cautious if you decide to let others have their say. Occasionally, a friend or family member may feel that asking for their input commits you to following their advice. Make it clear that you’re in the “information gathering” stage and that your final event design is a work in progress. Avoid possible hurt feelings by thanking them for helping you think through your options and weigh your alternatives – but don’t leave the impression that you’re necessarily going to do things their way. The most important person to please on your special day is YOU. Although you especially want to please your partner, and after that your family, in the final analysis, it’s your day.

Maintain Your Perspective. Maybe you’ve heard the saying that the secret to staying cool, calm and collected is “don’t sweat the small stuff . . . and the corollary, “it’s all small stuff”. At the end of the day you’re going to have married your best friend. The two of you are going to spend your first night together as a newly married couple, and everything else are just details. Don’t let anything that happens during the planning process or on your wedding day rob you of your joy and happiness.

Twenty five years removed, when you’re celebrating your Silver Wedding Anniversary, it won’t matter that Uncle Bob had too much to drink and got a little rowdy or that Aunt Sally split her dress while dancing. Those stories will never ceases to amuse you. You won’t remember that one of the table linens was just a shade off from the others or that the roses weren’t at all the color you were expecting – – – you’ll only recall how lovely everything was and how your guests were so complimentary. Before, during, and after – keep the day in perspective. It’s important, to be sure, but pales in comparison to finding your one true love – your soul mate, your partner in life’s most amazing journey. Happy Decision Making!

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Bandana Ball 2018

Every year, Premiere has the absolute pleasure of participating with and going to the Bandana Ball at The Wild Onion Ranch, which benefits Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas.

This year did not disappoint.

The chillier temperatures than year’s past did not stop hundreds of patrons showing up to show their support and dance the night away.

Upon arriving to Wild Onion, guests were greeted by the two cutest little donkeys. Guests were encouraged to take pictures with the little nuggets before heading in to the check-in station.

After checking in, the venue was your oyster. There was a silent auction set up inside the ballroom area, decorated plates (made by families who us Ronald McDonald House’s services) for sale, multiple bars and fire pits to warm you on the inside AND the outside, wine toss (which was both fun to watch but even more fun to play), a shoe shining station, a cigar rolling station, longhorns for a true Texan photo op, a mechanical bull if you were feeling up for the challenge and the most delicious passed appetizers from 2 Dine 4.

Around 7:30, the dinner buffet opened up. We were served vegetarian enchiladas, brisket, crispy Brussels sprouts, cheesy grits, Mexican Cesar salad and cornbread. Talk about loosening the belt a bit! For dessert, there were chocolate chip cookies, bread pudding and vanilla ice cream. It was all so delicious.

The evening’s program began after dinner finished up. First, a riveting game of heads or tails was play, which is always a hit. Then we watched a video and heard a few words from those who have used Ronald McDonald House’s services for their families. (Grab the tissues because, holy moly, this is why we support this cause!)

Guests were also treated to a live auction, which is always competitive and entertaining. A few of the items up for grabs? A vacation in Cancun, a girls’ weekend with Taylor Swift, a Kentucky Derby experience… I mean… sign us up, right!?

After the program, In10City Band took over and helped guests dance the rest of the evening away.

Everyone who attended, played games, bid on items or donated to Ronald McDonald House, helped raise $664,000. Isn’t that AMAZING?

It really was a night to remember, and we feel so honored to lend a helping hand to this event and families in need. If you can, we would like to prompt you to consider donating, whether it be a monetary donation, item donation or donating your time. Something you might consider to be a small donation makes a world of difference to families using Ronald McDonald House’s services.

Want to see a video from the evening? Check it out here!

We don’t know about you guys, but we can’t wait until next year!

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Your rental decor says a lot

The venue is chosen, the menu is set, now it’s time to decide on all the important elements of decor. For most events, design and decor will require rental support, and that’s where a full-service rental provider like Premiere can help.  Here are some things to consider in choosing the rental items you’ll need for expressing your design and decor vision.

When planning your decor, we recommend starting with the look and feel of the venue and the general concept of the event. Become familiar with the venue’s existing furniture and decor, then decide what you’ll need to complete the picture. Choose one theme and follow your ideas. With such a wide variety of rental options available, everything you order can be aesthetically appropriate and help in creating a unified, cohesive design sure to impress your guests.


Jerry Hayes Photography

AWS2017-16 (1)

Jerry Hayes Photography


It is helpful to create a vision board with all of your decor picks to help make sure things are cohesive. If you have the time and the interest, you can visit one of our three showrooms to see items in person. If there is something specific you’d like to see (like a furniture piece or a bar) you can set up an appointment with us and we will put those items on display for you. You can see the real size of furniture, feel the fabric of the linens in the different collections and choose your flatware and glassware based on your event design. Seeing items in person will give you a better understanding of how to bring your ideas to life. Plus, the showroom could give you even more inspiration or ideas you may not have considered otherwise!

Westwood Christmas 2017-7624

Rachael Hall Photography


MOV Studios

A celebratory ambiance can be created with a very small number of decorative elements. For example, you can replace a whole floral composition by instead using one massive candelabra in the center of the table or by using candles of various heights. For a rustic or boho chic wedding, you can also rent unusual decorative elements, like vintage crates, wooden panel screens (for a photo booth backdrop or room separation), or lanterns.

Westwood Christmas 2017-7615

Rachael Hall Photography


Lisa Hause Photography


Lisa Hause Photography

If you are getting married in the spring or summer, then you will likely have an outdoor aspect to your day. Photos taken in the beautiful Texas outdoors are some of our favorites. Where else can you add a few small lanterns, vases or small end/coffee tables to a field of bluebonnets and have the most stunning backdrop ever?

harvest table

Jerry Hayes Photography

0075_Brio Photography

Brio Weddings


These days, more and more couples turn to non-standard concepts for their wedding. Couples really want to make their celebration unique and memorable to them and their style. And why not? It is your day so it should be uniquely you!

Ranch Line 2

Jerry Hayes Photography

lisahause_electronicarts_548 (1)

Lisa Hause Photography


Sterling Images

Your wedding should reflect the style of you as a couple. You and your soon-to-be have different tastes? Don’t worry. Sometimes, mixing even the most different styles can make for a gorgeously different day. If your venue has sufficient space, you can combine several styles altogether, or even in different areas. Want a modern lounge, rustic bar and cocktail area but eclectic guest tables? No problem! Pick your main concept/design and then accent and enhance that with your other design elements. BUT always keep the unity, quality and good ambiance in mind when designing your event and we promise, it will be the best day ever!

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Trend watch: Losing our marbles over marble

If you’re anything like us, you’re keeping an eye on hot wedding trends for 2018 and thinking about how you can incorporate these into your wedding(s) and events. Well, here’s one we’re a big fan of…. Marble.

This elegant and sleek touch can be incorporated just about anywhere at your event. Think dance floor, invitations, china, linens, cakes, you name it!

Need ideas? We’ve got you covered. See a few examples below of how you can include the marble trend into your next event.

Driskill-Wedding-Showcase-jessica-frey-photography-006 (1)

Taken by Jessica Frey Photography at The Driskill, designed by Pearl Events


Taken by Premiere team member at Kendra Scott, catering by Pink Avocado

Lady in Red-2255 (1)

Taken by Rachael Hall Photography at Westwood Country Club


Found on Pinterest


Found on Pinterest


Found on Pinterest

Need even more inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest for more!

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Color us obsessed with SXSW

With the start of spring-time weddings, SXSW, as well as a few out-of-town jobs, March is incredibly busy for the Premiere Events team. We are so grateful for our vendor partnerships and our team members, who tirelessly help us make it through this month (relatively) unscathed.

We feel incredibly honored to continue to be a vendor of choice for so many of you, especially knowing how important these events are to you. The fact that you place so much trust in us, and our team, does not go unnoticed on our end.

Cheers to making it through another SXSW, friends! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Keep scrolling to see a glimpse of what we’ve been up to this March.

Auditorium Shores: Photographs by Jerry Hayes Photography


Auditorium Shores, continued: Taken by Premiere team member during set up


Talented vendor team: Auditorium Shores | Jerry Hayes Photography | SXSW | Premiere Events

The Food Effect by Land O’Lakes: Photographs taken by Rachael Hall Photography 


Talented vendor team: Exquisite Petals | Ilios Lighting | Land O’Lakes | Poppati Events | Rachael Hall Photography | Royal Fig Catering | Texas Pro DJ | Trinity Hall | Premiere Events

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2018 Rental Show Recap


Each year, members of the Premiere Events team head to the annual American Rental Association “Rental Show” for a fast and furious 3 to 4 days of learning, networking with industry peers from around the globe, soaking up the culture and sampling the cuisine of show-site cities and attending amazing show-sponsored events. This years’ show featured the post-Mardi Gras hospitality of New Orleans, one of our favorite destinations. A return visit to Emeril’s restaurant found that dining experience just as impressive and enjoyable as we remembered from four years ago. And I have it on good authority that a couple of “private” vendor-sponsored parties and the House of Blues Tuesday evening bash were highly entertaining.


The Sunday Education Day is always a Show highlight for me. As a life-long learner and insight seeker, I relish the opportunity to hear the message of impressive and inspiring speakers. Topics I enjoyed at the 2018 show included “5 Decisions All Winners Make” and “Hide Your Goat”. I also attended this year’s Party and Event Rental Town Hall, a panel-led discussion of best party and event rental practices. The Town Hall provides an opportunity to explore ideas and initiatives other party and event practitioners have found useful and effective.

The trade show floor is the heart of this annual event. Each show week, the floor opens immediately follows the Monday key-note. This year’s key-note speakers were Jonathan and Drew Scott of “Property Brothers” fame. The Scotts spoke about their work in home renovation and real estate, and about the attributes that have contributed to their phenomenal business and personal success.

When the Trade Show floor opens, it’s time for my favorite show activity . . . shopping, shopping and more shopping. This year, sixteen very long rows of party and event “booths” featured our industry’s latest and greatest party and event inventory additions. Tools and equipment designed to make facilitate party rental operations, including delivery and other services, are also displayed on the trade show floor.

Since we’re in attendance at the show year after year, our attention is captured by first time vendors we may not have seen before or on new products offered by vendors with whom we’re familiar. Product categories that generally interest us include tents (which typically don’t change much from year to year), tables (we found a couple of new farm-style tables this year, including one with metal legs and interchangeable tops), chairs (nothing new this year, but we’re considering a replacement conference chair and a metal Louis chair with leather cushion), china (we’re looking for “natural” stoneware style options as well as a new Premiere Select china pattern), glassware (colored glassware continues to interest us) and flatware (we’ll be adding depth and breadth to this category this year). We found a few new items of décor and a couple of interesting furniture options, and are waiting on catalogs and purchasing information. We also spend considerable time exploring linens. Like last year, linen vendors seem most excited about their prints and patterns, and their capacity to customize their fabric offerings. We’ll be bringing in samples of a few new product lines that piqued our interest and that we think our market will find attractive.  

After a full day of walking the floor (I logged 6.4 miles that day) and shopping ‘til we dropped, this year’s Monday evening regional reception (and the chance to finally sit down!) was particularly enjoyable for the Premiere team. Our Vice president of Administration, Angela Nussel, selected as the 2018 “Region IV) Rental Person of the Year”, received her “trophy” that evening. This award, given to one individual from the ARA region comprised of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Oklahoma, recognizes outstanding contributions to the rental industry and leadership on the local, state or regional level. Angela received this honor for her work with the Texas Rental Association Board, where she serves as Secretary / Treasurer.

We look forward to next year’s Rental Show, to be hosted in Anaheim for the first time in many years. I hear Mickey Mouse calling now . . .

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