Rain, rain, rain plan away. A 10-step guide to renting a tent.

1. Come to Terms with Tenting Your Event

So you’ve booked your gorgeous outdoor venue in Austin (or maybe the Hill Country) and you are right in the middle of the event planning process. That’s great! But what are you going to do if it rains? Does the venue have adequate indoor space? If it doesn’t, you have to plan for rain. There isn’t another option. After all, what is worse? Spending a few extra dollars on reserving a tent or forcing your guests to sit in the rain?

The first thing you have to do when planning an outdoor event is simple: assume that it will rain on your event date. It’s amazing how much easier the planning process becomes when you manage your expectations. If you expect rain, you will not be disappointed on the day of your event. However, if you spend months of planning assuming it won’t rain then you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Sure, there is a chance it won’t rain, but anyone familiar with Texas weather knows how unpredictable it can be.


When preparing your event budget, make sure account for tenting. There is no easy way to put it: tents can be expensive. Even bare-bones, without accessories, a 200-person tent will cost at least $2,000, including delivery and. Luckily, Premiere Events has a very flexible tent reservation policy. Just ask your Event Consultant for more details.

Because tents are relatively complex, the process can become overwhelming. We have created this booklet to make tenting as easy and painless as possible. Just follow the 10 simple steps presented in this guide and you will be on your way to making great tenting decisions!


2. Determine the Size of Your Tent

One of the most common requests we receive at Premiere Events is “Can I get a tent quote for [X] number of people?” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. You must think about the following criteria when determining the size of your tent:

a. What is Going Under the Tent?

  1. Do you need tables and chairs for all of the guests?
  2. Will you need to stage under the tent for a band (or other entertainment)?
  3. Will you need to fit a dance floor under the tent?
  4. Will the bar and/or food stations need to be under the tent?
  5. What about the cake table, sign-in table, gift table, photo booth, ?

For an additional fee, an Event Consultant can build a CAD (computer-assisted diagram) to help you determine which size tent will best suit your event.


b. Will the Tent Fit in Its Intended Space?

  1. Your Event Consultant will need exact measurements of the space to ensure that the tent will fit where you want it to go.
  2. If you are unsure of the dimensions of the tent space, an Event Consultant can perform a Site Inspection and measure the area for Additional fees apply, so please ask for details).


c. Are There Any Overhead Obstacles?

  1. No hanging structures are allowed to touch the top of the Overhead obstacles include but are not limited to:
    1. Tree branches/limbs
    2. Low-hanging power lines
    3. Other overhead structures

3. Select a Tent Style

a. Festival Tent

  1. Festival Tents feature high, swooping peaks and tensioned fabric that provides a tight, clean Their center poles are suspended on cross cables which allow an absence of poles in the tent center. These tents are great for parties, concerts, school events and corporate activities.
  2. Festival Tents can be 10’, 15’ or 20’ wide and up to 40’ long.


b. Frame Tent

  1. Frame tents are the traditional party tent There are no center poles in frame-style tents, and the frame is sturdy enough to support light-weight accessories.
  2. Frame Tents can be 10’, 15’, 20’, 30’ or 40’ wide and up to 100’
  3. Because of their scalloped perimeter, many customers opt out of using a Frame Tent.


c. Structure Tent

  1. Structure Tents are engineered tents suitable for weddings, celebrations and all The tent top slides through a channel in an extruded aluminum frame, allowing for a tight fit. Structure Tents are much stronger than frame or festival style tents and can handle more weight for hanging accessories like lights, audio/video equipment and décor. They also have a higher wind rating. Structure Tents are Premiere Events’ most popular tent style.
  2. Structure Tents can be 20’, 30’, 40’ or 50’ wide and up to 120’
  3. Structure Tents have two different styles of tops:
    1. Hip End
      1. This design allows for two angled ends on the tent that leads up to the center peak/pole.


2. Gable End

1. This design allows for two vertical ends on the tent. A benefit of the                                        Gable End Structure tents is that they can be butted up against other                                      tents or permanent structures easily.


d.  Clear Span Structure Tent

  1. Clear Span Structure Tents are engineered to withstand greater wind ratings and can be much wider than the typical frame or lighter structure The structure consists of very heavy beams and must be staked at all times. This tent requires a forklift for installation.
  2. Installation of a Clear Span Structure Tent will take much longer than any other tent The eaves of the tent are 13 feet tall and the center point is 26 feet tall.
  3. The sizes of Clear Span Structure Tent are:
    1. 82’ X 82’
    2. 82’ X 98’
    3. 82’ X 115’
    4. 92’ X 131’
    5. 82’ X 147’


e. Tidewater Tent

  1. The Tidewater Tent is a typical pole style tent with a The ends of this tent are round, not square. The tops are made of a translucent sail cloth. The tent poles are powder coated to have a wood style look. This beautiful tent is not recommended when it’s very hot out, as a greenhouse effect will be created under the tent. This tent has center poles and must be staked at all times.
  2. The sizes of Tidewater Tents are:
    1. 44’ X 43’
    2. 44’ X 83’
    3. 44’ X 63’


4. Determine How to Secure the Tent

a. Stakes

  1. Stakes are included in the cost of the tent. Please note that the stakes are 3’ in length.
  2. Using stakes on grass or gravel requires that there are no underground obstacles (sprinkler/irrigation system, septic system, etc.)
  3. Premiere Events is not liable if any underground obstacles are struck by a stake.
  4. Call 1-800-DIG-TESS to determine location of underground obstacles.


b. Barrels

  1. If tent is going on concrete or if stakes are not an option, water barrels may be used to secure the tent.
  2. The number of barrels required for each tent depends on the size of the The larger the tent, the more barrels are needed.
  3. Tent barrels are $5 each and spandex covers for the barrels are an additional $5 each.
  4. A high pressure water source (outdoor faucet and hose) must be on site to fill the barrels.
  5. If no water source is available on site, a water truck may be ordered through a separate vendor.


c. Alternate Options

  1. Venues may have existing anchor bolts that the tent can be tied to
  2. There may be existing railing around the tent site that the tent can be tied to.

5. Choose the Right Top

a. White Top

  1. Almost every tent in Premiere’s inventory comes in a white top.
  2. This is the most commonly rented tent, as it aids in the protection against bright sunlight and heat in the warmer months.
  3. White tops are the more economical tent option.


b. Clear Top

  1. Some, but not all, tents in Premiere’s inventory come with a clear top option.
  2. Clear top tents are most commonly rented in the winter months, as they can have a greenhouse effect in the warmer months.
  3. Clear tops are more costly.


6. Select a Wall Style (When Heating or A/C Are Needed)

a. White Walls – $1 Per Linear Foot


b.  Window Walls – $2 Per Linear Foot


c. Clear Walls – $3 Per Linear Foot


7. Select a Lighting Style

a. Basic Lighting Package

  1. Cost is $0.15 (White Light) or $0.18 (Colored Light) Per Square Foot of Tent
  2. Utilizes Par Can Lights

b. Festoon Lighting

  1. Cost is $75.00 Per 50’ Strand of Lighting
  2. 3 Ways of Installing:
    1. Run Around Inner Perimeter of Tent (Most Economical)
    2. Draped Across Ceiling (Mid-Range)
    3. Run Around Inner Perimeter and Draped Across Ceiling (Most Costly)


8. Add Climate Control (If Necessary)

a.  Heaters

  1. Tent Heaters Cost $275.00 Each and Include propane
  2. One Tent Heater is Needed for Every 1,000 Square Feet of tent.
  3. Open-Flame Patio Heaters are NOT Permitted Under Tents.


b. Fans

  1. Premiere Events Does Not Provide Air Conditioning
  2. Fans will help circulate air in a tent, but they are NOT the same as air conditioning.

9. Add Other Accessories

a. Pole Swag

  1. If you are not fond of the look of the metal poles supporting the tent, you may cover them with draping.
  2. Leg drapes can be provided in any color, but we regularly carry standard white 10ft tall leg drapes in inventory for last minute requests.


b. Ceiling Treatment

  1. If you are not fond of seeing the frame of the tent on the ceiling, you may cover it in one of two ways:
    1. Draping
      1. Ceiling draping adds warmth, elegance and character to the ceiling, and is an affordable way of making a bold statement that your guests can’t help but notice. Premiere’s ceiling draping options include sails, waves, canopies, flowing vertical panels and more.

blog26               2. Tent Liner

1. A tent liner is a soft, billowy, white fabric lining that is installed in the                                    ceiling of your Tent liners bring style and texture to a plain, ordinary tent                              ceiling, and provide your guests the illusion of being in a permanent                                      structure. Tent liners also disguise the tent’s structural components and                                provide a sleek, finished look.


10. Secure a Tent Permit

We know, we know. No one likes to deal with the City of Austin. But the City has mandated that all tents over 400 Square Feet installed within city limits require a permit. Premiere Events does not offer permitting services, but we are happy to provide guidance. The process has become rather simple over the past few years!

The City of Austin requires a three-week lead time for all permit applications, so be sure to apply once you book your tent! The City is notorious for changing policy on a whim so please check their most current permitting guidelines at http://www.austintexas.gov/department/austin-fire-department-special-events.

a. Fee

  1. The City of Austin charges a one-time fee of $188 for each tent permit (if you have multiple tents then each one will need its own permit).
  2. This fee secures the permit as well as an inspection of the tent once it is installed.
  3. Extra fees may apply if the inspection needs to take place outside of business hours or on a weekend.


b. Process

  1. To apply for a permit, simply fill out a Tent Permit Application (which an Event Consultant will be happy to send you).
  2. With that Application, you will also need to send a diagram of the tent showing its placement on the property as well as the table/chair layout under the tent.


Congratulations! You’re All Set!


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The annual chair special is ON!

Premiere’s annual chair special begins TODAY! Here’s all you need to know about the special.

Plastic folding chairs are 10% off rental price!



White resin, black resin, natural wood and fruitwood folding chairs are 20% off rental price!


Jerry Hayes Photography


Madeline chairs are 30% off rental price!

© SMS Photography

SMS Photography


Sleek ghost chairs, reef acrylic chairs and industrial metal chairs are 40% off rental price!

©Leah Muse Photography

Leah Muse Photography

WildOnion2.22.17-27 (2)

Jerry Hayes Photography


Chiavari chairs are 50% off rental price! 

Pearl4.19.16-30 (3)

Jerry Hayes Photography

Shaun Menary Photography-21 (3)

Shaun Menary Photography

The discount applies to new orders placed between today, June 11th and the close of business (2pm) on Saturday, June 23rd. You must pay for the chairs in full at the time of booking. Once the chairs are booked, you cannot make any changes to your chair special order- no changes to color, quantity or style. You are always welcome to add chairs on, however. Should you add on after the sale ends, they will be at the full rental price.

PremiereSelectWestwood-19 (1)

Jerry Hayes Photography

This promotion cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion that is currently going on.

Call us today or stop by one of our three showrooms to book your chairs at a reduced rental price!

See these chairs and more by visiting our website: premiereeventsonline.com.

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New Product Alert!

It’s been a while since we updated you guys on some of our new inventory so we thought we’d take the time to do that today, and have everything conveniently in one place for you! Check out some of our newest acquisitions below. Curious about renting any of these items? Give us a call to check availability and we’ll get you all set!

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Trend watch: indoor weddings

This week we’re focusing on a little bit of a different trend…. the location of your wedding. Perhaps its because the weather in Texas can be so unpredictable, or because couples would prefer to not have to come up with a plan b in case of rain. One thing is for sure, the number of mostly or partially indoor weddings has increased.

Now, we know and agree, that outdoor weddings hold a special (and beautiful) place in our hearts, but indoor weddings can be just as breathtaking, and there are some added bonuses to it. One of the biggest bonuses? As stated above, if you have an indoor space you’re using for a portion of, or all of your wedding, you don’t have to worry so much about your inclement weather plan.

Luckily, in Austin, you have a plethora of venues to choose from, regardless of your tastes, vibes, theme or preferences.

Want to see what we mean? Here are some indoor weddings and events we’ve been lucky to be a part of and absolutely love how they turned out. Check ’em out!

0059_Brio Photography

Venue: Mercury Hall, Photography: Brio Photography

AustinCountryClub Christmas-1

Venue: Austin Country Club


Venue: Addison Grove, Photography: Addison Jones Photography


Venue: Trinity Hall, Photography: Rachael Hall Photography


Venue: The Wild Onion Ranch, Photography: Jessica Frey Photography


Venue: Brodie Homestead, Photography: Jerry Hayes Pre-event Photography

Springdale Station - Grand Opening - 001

Venue: Springdale Station, Photography: AzulOx Visuals

©Leah Muse Photography

Venue: Springdale Station, Photography: Leah Muse Photography


Venue: Prospect House, Photography: Luxe Photography


Venue: Rock Rose Hall, Photography: Rebel with a Camera


Need more indoor wedding inspiration in your life? Head over to our Pinterest page for more wedding pretty!

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Winfield Inn’s Summer Open House

With the start of the summer months (or at least what feels like the summer months in Texas…) come venue open houses. We couldn’t be any more excited to share some pictures of one we helped out with over the weekend!

The Winfield Inn is a beautiful venue nestled just outside of Austin, in Kyle, TX. Sitting on 27 acres, this vintage style mansion will not disappoint for your big day.


Although the day began with some rain, it proved to be a gorgeous afternoon for an open house. Guests were greeted by The Winfield Inn staff and encouraged to explore the grounds.

Because the venue boasts so much space, there are quite a few different areas couples could utilize for their ceremony site.


After the ceremony, the lawn could also be utilized for cocktail hour, lawn games, even reception seating (weather permitting). There really are so many different options to fully customize and personalize the venue to fit your idea of THE perfect day.

After looking around a little, guests made their way into the garden ballroom for bites and cocktails provided by Word of Mouth.


Let us tell you…. the bites did not disappoint. Sea salt and herb crusted beef loin? Vodka smoke sides of salmon? Citrus grilled chicken breast? These were just SOME of the offerings. (We’re breaking out the stretchy pants just thinking about it again.)


After munching on the delicious food for a minute (or 20), and sipping on a delicious margarita (or 20…. joking), guests made their way through the garden ballroom to look at various tables that The Winfield had set up for “inspiration.” Couples were encouraged to start envisioning their style in the gorgeous pavilion- discussing where the bar would go, where the sweetheart table would be placed, where the best location for the dance floor is- so that they could really picture how their big day could come to life.


We were so happy to be a part of this open house and are so looking forward to the  many more in the coming months!

Loving the look of this venue? We encourage you to schedule a tour and see it in person.

This summer open house and tasting featured delicious bites from Word of Mouth Catering and Bakery. Flowers and centerpieces were provided by Bouquets of Austin and Stems Floral Design. Guests were treated to beats by DJ Mellow J and complimentary massages from Wedding Wellness. Guests were also able to chat with Michael Schaffer Photography, as well as Art & Soul Design.

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Trend watch: hanging florals

We’re back again with this month’s trend watch and this time, it’s all about hanging florals. This is a trend that has been popular for a while, but as it gains even more popularity, the florals get more and more intricate and astonishing.

We absolutely love this trend and the texture it brings to weddings and events who opt to decorate the ceilings and beyond. Not sure what we’re talking about and need some visual help? You got it. Check out some pictures of hanging florals at a few weddings we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of below:


Wedding vendor information: Venue- Villa Antonia, Florist- Clementine Botanical Art, Photographer- Shaun Menary Photography, Planner- Westcott Weddings, Lighting- Ilios Lighting, Rentals- Premiere Events, Caterer- Royal Fig, Cake- Sweet Treets Bakery, Photobooth- Oh Happy Day Booth


Wedding vendor information: Venue- Prospect House, Florist- Gypsy Floral, Photographer- Lauren Peele Photography, Planner- Heavenly Day Events, Rentals- Premiere Events, Loot Vintage, Birch and Brass


Wedding vendor information: Venue- UMLAUF Sculpture Garden, Florist- Westbank Flower Market, Photographer- SMS Photography, Planner- Pearl Events, Rentals- Premiere Events, Draping- Unique Design & Events, Lighting- Ilios Lighting, Caterer- Guero’s Taco Bar


Wedding vendor information: Venue- Prospect House, Florist- Davy Gray, Photographer- Nichols Photographers, Planner- Big Time Creatives, Rentals- Premiere Events, Caterer- Salt Lick BBQ


Wedding vendor information: Venue- 800 Congress, Florist- Clementine Botanical Art, Photographer- Nichols Photographers, Planner- Westcott Weddings, Rentals- Premiere Events, Loot Vintage, Lighting- Intelligent Lighting Design, Stationery- The Inviting Pear, Caterer- Fresa’s Chicken, Cake- Feathers and Frosting


Wedding vendor information: Venue- The Addison Grove, Florist- Color Theory Collective, Photographer- Julie Wilhite Photography, Planner- Associated Wedding Planners of Austin, Rentals- Premiere Events, Bee Lavish Vintage, Draping- Unique Design & Events, Caterer- Contigo Catering 


Wedding vendor information: Venue- Four Seasons Hotel Austin, Florist- Westbank Flower Market, Photographer- SMS Photography, Planner- Pearl Events, Rentals- Premiere Events, Stationery- The Inviting Pear, Draping- Unique Design & Events, Makeup Artist- Adore Makeup Salon, Audio Visual Services- PSAV Global, Videographer- PhotoHouse Films, DJ- DJ Riz


Event vendor information: Venue- Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Floral Design- Ken Sharples of Premiere Events & Premiere Select, Photographer- Jerry Hayes Photography, Rentals- Premiere Events, Premiere Select 


Wedding vendor information: Venue- Brazos Hall, Florist- Bouquets of Austin, Photographer- Kellie Lizabeth Photography, Planner- Pearl Events, Rentals- Premiere Events, Caterer- Royal Fig Catering, Cake- Simon Lee Bakery, Music- Terra Vista Strings, Matchmaker Band, Videography- Grumbo Films


Wedding vendor information: Venue- UMLAUF Sculpture Gardens, Florist- Stems, Photographer- Angela King Photography, Planner- Pearl Events, Rentals- Premiere Events, Lighting- Ilios Lighting, Caterer- Royal Fig Catering

First off, if you’re thinking about incorporating hanging florals into your next event, we say, DO IT. Having a color scheme or design in mind for your event is helpful. We recommend pulling some pinterest images you LOVE and sharing those with your planner, florist and/or venue manager. Secondly, make sure to mention this to both the venue and the florist (and your planner, if you’re using one). It may be that neither the venue manager nor the florist (or one of them) has yet do this at your venue and will need to sit and chat to figure out the logistics behind it.

Love this look but need more pictures to find the perfect inspiration for your event? No problem, follow us on Pinterest for all of your wedding and event inspiration needs.

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Know before you go!

Events of all kinds have so many moving pieces, and rentals can be a major part of that! Our event consultants are happy to help you figure out the items you need for your event, but there are some questions that only you might know the answer to based on what you’re envisioning and what the rest of your vendor team is doing for the day of.

Here are some frequently asked questions that your event consultant might need answers to, as well as things to consider when planning your rental needs!



  1. Have you already reached out to get a quote? If so, please bring your quote number or the name that is on the quote that’s already in the system.
  2. What is your anticipated guest count? This helps us determine how many of each item you might need. We recommend starting at the highest expected number and reducing your quote or order as you go, so that way you aren’t surprised by your final order total if your guest count goes up!
  3. What is your estimated budget for rentals? When you know how much you have to spend, we can help you decide where to spend your money, what to upgrade, and which items to select.
  4. If a reception, are you doing a seated style or a cocktail style reception? This will determine what style, size, and quantity of tables and chairs you need.

decor (3)


    1. Where is your event taking place? Private personal property, public lands, business, or event venue.
    2. If at an event venue, does your venue provide any rental items? Many provide certain sizes and quantities of folding tables and chairs, but some even provide linens, decor and furniture pieces and most will list this information on their website or on your rental contract. This will help your consultant determine if you need additional items and what sizes and quantities of linens and items you may need for what they provide.
    3. How much space do you have to work with and how are you thinking about arranging your layout in the space? Don’t forget to leave space for your food stations, bars and beverage stations, DJ or Band, Gift or Sign In Tables, etc.) list of commonly needed items: favors, registration, marketing materials, cake, programs, etc)
    4. Does your venue have trash cans? 
    5. Is any part of your event taking place outdoors? If yes, and your venue does not provide a rain plan option, you may need to rent a tent as your backup. To do so, we will need to know the following information:
        1. Can we stake the tent into the ground, or is the tent going on asphalt or concrete?
        2. If we cannot stake, we will need to use water barrels to weigh down the tent. Is there water access close to the tent site so we can fill the water barrels
        3. How much space do you have available for tenting?
        4. Do you need the tent to have side walls?
        5. Will you need lighting to be installed in your tent? If so, is there power access nearby to plug into?
        6. Will you need any heating or cooling equipment for the tent based on the weather?

decor (4)


  1. Are you hoping to have your items delivered or are you wanting to pick up and return your items yourself? There are a few of our rental items that are delivery only, however we do have a minimum order subtotal in order to qualify for delivery, based on where your event is located. If your order does not meeting our order minimum, we can recommend a courier service to delivery for you.
  2. If you’d like to do a customer pick up, which location would you like to pick up and return at? We have three locations for pickup and return; Premiere South, Premiere North or Premiere Dripping Springs. We generally do not allow orders of more than 50 chairs or 20 tables to be picked up at locations other than Premiere South. Don’t forget to measure your vehicle to make sure that all of your rentals will fit safely!
  3. Need a delivery and pick up? We’ll need to know when you have access to the location for delivery and pickup. Our standard delivery window is Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (or 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm), and Saturdays 9am-2pm. Any deliveries or pickups scheduled outside of those delivery windows or that need to be at a specific time rather than window will have additional delivery fees.
  4. If we are delivering do you want us to set up your items as well? Set up is only automatically included on our tents, dance floors, and stages. We can set up our tables, chairs, table linens, chair covers, chair ties for an additional fee.

decor (1)


  1. Have you booked a caterer or bartender? If so, do they provide their own equipment or do you need to rent any of the following items for them:
      1. Cooking equipment
      2. Tables, and linens for food and bar service
      3. Tabletop Items like glassware, china, flatware, and napkins
      4. Serving trays
  2. What’s on your menu and how it is being served? 
      1. Are you doing a plated meal, buffet line, or food stations?
      2. What dishes will you need for your menu items?
  3. Do you need any rentals for your bar or beverage station? 
      1. What beverages are you serving that you would need glassware for?
      2. Is it a cash bar, open bar, or self service beverage station?
      3. How long is your event?
      4. Do you need coolers or troughs to keep beverages cold prior to service?
      5. Do you need beverage dispensers for guests to serve themselves?



  1. Who is going to set up and breakdown any decor you have or need to rent?
  2. What colors are you primarily using in your wedding decor style?
  3. Are there any specific items or inspirational photos you are trying to match?
  4. What are you planning for your centerpieces?
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