10 ways to stay warm during your outdoor event

It seems winter has hit the Austin area. But who knows how long it will be here? With Texas weather as unpredictable as it is, it could be here until March or it could be here for just the next two days.

Because of the sudden weather change, we decided to take this time to chat about staying warm at your outdoor events.

The Austin area has so many beautiful outdoor venues and because of the {extremely} unpredictable nature of Texas weather, you may not have been anticipating cold weather on the day of your event. What do you do to keep your guests warm?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of ten things to help you stay prepared for a cooler temperature change, should it happen to you.


  1. Rent a tent and tent heater. If your event is strictly outdoors, you’re going to want a weather contingency plan from the get go. Renting a tent with a tent heater creates what feels like an indoor space for your outdoor venue. Check out our guide to renting a tent if you need helping figuring out where to start. Window Sidewalls
  2. Place blankets on chairs. We’ve seen couples do this with their winter outdoor weddings quite a bit. If your wedding ceremony is outside, you could place a basket full of blankets for guests to take as needed. If your reception is outside as well, perhaps a few blankets placed on the backs of chairs will do the trick! Your guests will think it’s the cutest thing ever and thank you for the extra warmth.
  3. Warm specialty cocktail. If you are planning on doing a signature cocktail for the evening, doing something that is warm or will warm guest’s bellies (our minds immediately go to whiskey here) is a great way to knock two birds out with one stone. Just be sure that’s not the only things guests have as a warming option or you may have to cut some folks off before the night really even gets started.


    Sophie Epton Photography

  4. Serve coffee or hot chocolate. If the temperatures are low, warm drinks are a good way to keep your guests’ bellies and hands warm. And really, is there anything better than a cup of coffee or glass of hot chocolate when it’s a bit chilly? You could have a coffee station or hot cocoa station set up for guests to help themselves to throughout the night.
  5. Fire pits. If your venue allows it, fire pits are a great way to get guests warmed for the night. And seriously, who doesn’t love a good campfire!? Just be sure to double and triple check with your venue that they allow it and there aren’t any local burn bans before committing to this idea.
  6. S’mores station. S’mores stations are a great way to get your guests a sweet treat and warm them up a little bit at the same time. Standing around a fire (whether it is a propane controlled set up or a wood burning campfire) will give your guests a short reprieve from the cold. Plus, if you have any little guests in attendance, this will be the highlight of the night (or year!) for them.
  7. Patio heaters. If tenting isn’t an option, or it’s not ridiculously cold outside, renting patio heaters to place throughout your outdoor space should be sufficient for your guests. These typically heat a 15 foot radius around each unit. Keep in mind, that radius will likely go down the colder the weather is or if it is particularly windy that day.


    Sophie Epton Photography

  8. Hand warmers. Have you ever been camping and used the personal hand warmers? Weren’t they fantastic? You can use them for your hands or even put them in your shoes to keep your toes from going numb. Set up a bucket with a cute little sign for your guests to take a few as needed. Your event staff will also love you endlessly for this if you give them their own stash.
  9. Serve a warm food, like soup. If you’re having an event during the fall or winter months, you will likely choose your menu from a list of seasonal options. If you anticipate that it might be a little cooler on your event date, something like a soup appetizer (or main dish) will be welcomed by your guests in attendance.
  10. Dance it out. Get your guests moving and grooving. One of the best ways to defeat the cold is to get up and move. If you’re having dancing at your event, this is a great way to combat the chills. Get the tunes pumping and your guests out of their seats. They won’t even remember it’s cold after a couple of songs!

    BP5D1003 (2)

    Ben Porter Photography

We hope this list helps inspire you and makes you feel a bit better about the weather change! We are always happy to help brainstorm with you about whatever you might need for event. Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms today to meet with one of our event consultants to get all set for your event!


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Trend watch: Engagement Moon

With more and more couples paying for at least a portion of their wedding day, if not all of it themselves, less couples are turning toward the “traditional” honeymoon. What we mean by traditional honeymoon is this- picture it if you will…

It is the night of the wedding. The couple has said their “I do’s,” danced their last dance and been sent off by their friends and family. They hop in their getaway car and head straight to the airport (or a hotel or where ever they will sleep) and jet off on their honeymoon.

This just isn’t happening as much as it used to. Couples these days are footing the bill for at least a portion of their wedding day, and because of that, are pushing their honeymoons back. Or the trend most recently? Pushing them UP!

That’s right. Couples know going into  wedding planning that it can be expensive to have your dream wedding. Instead of paying for a wedding and a honeymoon at the same time, couples are opting for an engagement moon, and we have to admit, it’s quite genius.

Think about it….. Before you get into the planning and stress and check writing that often comes along with wedding planning, you take a trip with your brand new fiance(e). You get to celebrate one of the most exciting times of your lives by getting away just the two of you (or you could even make it a group thing, if you’d rather more people join in on your love celebration!).

Whether you decide to go on a trip right after your wedding, months after your wedding or you opt for the new engagement moon, we think going some place (or even doing a stay-cation) with you and your honey is a great way to celebrate this next step in your lives. You certainly won’t regret spending that time together before (or after) the madness of wedding planning!

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Trend watch: orange is the new black

Recently, and perhaps that is because it is October and fall feelings are in full swing, we have been seeing a lot more orange in weddings and events. Couples are replacing pinks with oranges and we are loving it! Whether it is your main color or one of your accent colors, there are so many different shades of orange to use,  you can’t go wrong.

Colors like burnt orange, terracotta, copper and tangerine are perfect orange tones if you are wanting to add some warmth to your event.

Colors like peach, apricot, true orange and coral are perfect if you want to add some coolness or lighten up your event.

Regardless of which color route you choose, orange pairs well and compliments an array of colors, while also adding a pop to others.

Need to see what we mean? We understand. Check out some images of weddings and events we’ve been able to play a hand in below for your orange inspiration:

0030_Brio Photography (1)

Brio Weddings

View More: http://francephotographers.pass.us/givingtree

France Photographers


High Beam


High Beam


Gourmet Gals


Lisa Hause Photography


Rachael Hall Photography


Rachael Hall Photography


Jerry Hayes Photography

Two Pair Photography http://twopairphotography.com/

Two Pair Photography

Springdale Station - Grand Opening - 013

AzulOx Visuals


Rebel with a Camera


Jerry Hayes Photography

Need more? Follow us on pinterest to see our latest board with all of your orange wedding and event inspiration!

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Showroom reveal

If you’ve worked with us before or have been by our south showroom in the last two months or so, then you probably know that we’ve been doing a little showroom remodel. We were happy to host a “grand reveal” event to reveal it to all of our friends this past week! If you missed the reveal, rest easy, we’ve taken lots of pictures so that you can feel as if you were there! Check it out!

IMG-2558 (1)

Here is a panoramic shot of the entire showroom. We just love the modern touches of the new showroom. What do you think?

IMG-2559 (1)IMG-2560 (1)IMG-2561 (1)IMG-2562 (1)IMG-2563 (1)IMG-2564 (1)IMG-2644IMG-2646

For our morning reveal, we offered guests muffins from Word of Mouth Bakery, fruit, mimosas and coffee.


For our afternoon reveal, we offered guests wine, prosecco, fruit, cheese and crackers.


Guests were encouraged to enter their names into a random drawing for a Crate & Barrel gift card and take some Premiere swag with them when they left (because who doesn’t need another tumbler to add to the mix?). IMG-2661

We still have our inspiration tables set up around the showroom if you need a little event design help. These tables were each designed by our Creative Director, Ken Sharples. Aren’t they gorge?!


Still haven’t seen the remodel in person! Come on by, we’d love to have a cup of coffee with you, get your feedback and show you around.

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Trend watch: Silver and Chrome

With 2018 almost over (ohmygosh we know!) we are keeping a close eye on popular wedding and event trends that will make an appearance in 2019. One of those trends? Silver and chrome. More and more couples are using silver and chrome in their color palettes and their decor for their weddings. We love the “cool” tone this brings to the atmosphere and just how easily it pairs with EVERY other color out there.

Check out some pictures from weddings and events we’ve helped with that showcase our point:

View More: http://angelalallyphotography.pass.us/wedding-feng-cici

Angela Lally Photography


Jerry Hayes Photography

Evita and Jovan Wedding Pictures Completed-29 (1)

Tony & Elena Smith Photography

Haley + Andrew Wedding117HIi

Haley Rynn Ringo


Rachael Hall Photography


Ladybird Studios


Jerry Hayes Photography

See what we mean? No matter the season or the color palette, you can’t go wrong with silver and chrome!

Need more inspiration? Check out our pinterest board dedicated just to this trend!

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September 2018 Bridal Extravaganza

We had so much fun at Sunday’s Bridal Extravaganza and go to meet so many wonderful couples! We hope you were able to stop by our booth because we were handing out a special treat just for people who came by our booth at the show!

Missed the show? We’re sad you did! Here are some pictures of our booth. We decided to go for a fall feel and showcased one of our farm tables, since farm tables are all the rage at weddings these days! We also went with a mix and match theme (for the chairs at least) because we’ve seen a lot of couples doing this lately. Let us know what you think!


Have yet to come to a Bridal Extravaganza? This is one event you don’t want to miss if you’re planning a wedding. There are three shows a year- one typically in January, another typically in June and the third typically in September.

This is a great place to meet hundreds of different vendors in one place. We’re talking everything from caterers, to tux or dresses, to rentals :), to florists, DJs, lighting and so much more. What other place can you meet this many vendors in one spot? We highly recommend visiting one of the Bridal Extravaganzas during your wedding planning process. And when you do, make sure you stop by our booth and say hello!

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New, new, new!

We have new products up on our site, so we thought we’d give you a little update! Check out some of our newest items below and head on over to our website to see what else we have!

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