Trend watch: moody hues

Mood for 2019? Moody. That’s a thing right? Well, for weddings and events it sure is! One trend that we saw in 2018 isn’t going anywhere for this new year. What is that trend you might be asking? In case the title didn’t give it away, we are spending today’s blog post talking alllll about moody hues.

We love the depth and sass that moody hues bring to weddings. And perhaps one of the best parts? You can incorporate moody hues into your decor, regardless of what season you’re getting married!

Love the idea of moody hues but not quite sure how you can include this trend into your big day? Check out a few pictures below of weddings and events we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of that used moody hues in their decor.

0088_brio photography

Brio Photography, Bella Events

Here we have fall moody and we love everything about this. There are moody and bright and coral tones (hey Pantone color of the year!) present on this table. You might think, just by reading that, that it would be way too many colors and hues going on, but it just works. The deeper tones of the red flowers mixed with the copper tones of the flatware and napkin add the moody hues. To contrast, the bright pinks and yellow/oranges in the flowers add the color pop. Are you as obsessed with this table set up as we are?


Rachel Driskell Photography, Party Time Rentals 

Here is another table set up that incorporates both the moody hues and a pop of color. This set up would be perfect for a summer or spring wedding with the bright colors in the floral arrangement. They opted for a dark linen with equally dark and moody china, glassware and candlesticks. The pinks, yellows and oranges add a nice contrast of color to the deep and dark tones of the table. We also love the metallic and marble tones of this table. It’s moody, colorful and modern and we couldn’t love it more!

haley + andrew wedding129hii

Haley Rynn Ringo Photography, Pearl Events, Michelle’s Patisserie 

This couple brought in moody touches to their dessert table with the candlelight behind the set up, as well as the flowers on the cake and the table that everything was placed on. We love this look because it’s just a touch of moody. If you love the idea of incorporating moody hues but don’t want to go all out moody darkness, this is the perfect way to do that! Also, how delicious do those desserts look? If you’re having a dessert set up like this, we want an invite….


Jessica Frey Photography

This set up included metallic and moody hues. The black plates, with the navy menus and the deep purple floral arrangement were perfectly contrasted by the gold napkins, rose gold flatware and ivory seating. To give this look even more of a romantic vibe, modern, gold votives were added to the tabletop. What do you think? Is this speaking to you?


High Beam Events

Here we have another perfectly moody fall set up. We love the color contrast here. The orange linen contrasts the deep purple napkins and candles perfectly. They decided to bring in gold tones by brush painting pomegranates (what a great DIY idea!) and using gold flatware. The floral table runner that runs down the center mixes in purples, oranges and greens to add complimentary colors, while also brightening it up a bit.


Jerry Hayes Photography

This wedding brought in the moody hues hard. From the romantic candle lighting on the dark brown tables, to the dark grey draping (done by Unique Design & Events) throughout, this definitely screams moody, industrial chic! Have we gotten you on board the “moody hue” train yet?


Jerry Hayes Photography

Is black your favorite color? Then this set up is for you! All black everything, and we love it! From the tablecloths, to the chairs, plates and flatware, this event went for alllll of the black and moody tones. The green moss and clear glassware add a nice break to the monotony of the black.

Feeling inspired? See what we mean when we say you can add moody hues to any theme, season or color scheme?

Be sure to follow us on Pinterest if you need even more moody hue inspiration!

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Trend watch: bye, bye strict color palettes

New year, new wedding trends! We’re back at it today with our first post of 2019! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we were blogging away about Pantone’s color of the year last year. (Stay tuned for our take on this year’s color choice…. Which in case you haven’t heard, is living coral.)

Today, we are focusing on a fun and colorful wedding trend for 2019. Couples these days are less “traditional” and seem to be finding more and more ways to make their wedding days even more personal and specific to them, their style and their relationship. What better way to do that than with color?

Gone are the days where a color scheme consists of two main colors and perhaps a few accent colors. Couples are using an array of colors in their wedding decor. Whether it be the couple’s favorite colors, colors that evoke specific emotion or various tones of the most recent color of the year, you don’t have to pick just one or two anymore! (Well, I suppose, you never really had to pick just a few if you didn’t want to… it’s just no longer the “wedding norm.”) Color obsessed couples rejoice!

Want to see what we mean? Here are a few weddings and events we’ve been a part of that opted for a range of colors instead of just one or two.


Jerry Hayes Photography

This wedding at Laguna Gloria opted for shades of purple for their color scheme. We love how the napkins, menus and florals are all different shades of purple but compliment each other perfectly. You could follow this same pattern with any color you wanted and it would be GORGEous!


Stacey Conant Photography

This was a 30th birthday that was nothing less of fun! The birthday girl decided to bring in different colors with balloon decor to add to the birthday festivities. We love the blues and greens mixed in with the different shades of pinks and reds!

Balloons really are a fun and inexpensive way of adding in different pops of color you want to. You could add them as a backdrop, as a ceiling treatment or even within the floral arrangements!


Ailin Hyde Photography

This wedding was for one of our very own, so we’re undoubtedly biased on how much we love it. The couple opted for a dusty ocean blue velvet linen with reds, blues, oranges, and golds for the other colors. See what we mean when we say color is good? Some people may not have thought to use these colors originally, but look at just how FUN it is put altogether! You have no reason to be afraid of using color.


Jerry Hayes Photography

For this dia de los muertos themed event, Epic Event Design really brought the color in. Each place setting utilized a different color napkin and stemmed glass. AND the bright orange florals on the tables brought in even more color. We just love how unique and bright this design is!


Lisa Hause Photography

This event themed “myths and heroes” was actually for a corporate holiday party. Different areas of the event were themed around different myths and heroes, and each “sub-room” brought it’s own wealth of color. Perhaps our favorite, though, were the umbrellas used over the dance floor with the accent lighting. You could use this same inspiration for your wedding or next event, no problem!


Ailin Hyde Photography

This head table was covered in all kinds different colors and we are here for it! Copper & Birch nailed the florals. From oranges, to pinks, to reds and greens with cactus accents, the various colors really spiced up the head table!


Jessica Frey Photography

Need some colorful but moody inspiration? Look no further. From blacks, to blues, to purples to golds. This color palette is a fun one that compliments well, but also a moody one that evokes a dramatic feeling.


See what we mean? Using more than two prominent colors in your color scheme is so fun and can really be tweaked to match you and your vision for your big day perfectly!

Need more inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest to see even more on this trend and others!

Ready to come in and start playing with your color palette and decor? Let’s do it! Make an appointment or stop by one of our showrooms today!

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Trend watch: structural floral installations

One trend that made an appearance in 2018 that we will definitely be seeing more of in 2019 are structural floral installations. Whether that is floral hoops instead of traditional bouquets, arches adorned in florals or hanging loops throughout the ceremony or reception, this is one trend we are here for.

We love how it brings a modern and unique look to each wedding that incorporates this trend. No two structural floral installations are the same, and the options are endless. You are only limited by your (and your florists) creativity.

Want to see what we mean? Here are some pictures from a styled shoot we participated in at Horseshoe Bay Resort. These images were taken by Brittany Jean Photography and we just LOVE how it turned out. Check them out!

View More:

For this shoot, the designer, Disch Events, decided to use a structural floral installation for the ceremony back drop. It was both eye catching and elegant, and was the perfect, unique backdrop for a waterfront wedding.

Hi-Resolution Images-0002 (1)

We also love how the installation didn’t take away from the natural scenery at all, but instead complimented it perfectly. Are you as obsessed as we are?

View More:

How about this unique bridal portrait?

Hi-Resolution Images-0047

I mean, simply stunning!

View More:

And how precious for your couples’ pictures? Sign us up!

Hi-Resolution Images-0050

Like the idea of doing structural floral installations with your big day? Follow us on Pinterest to see what else you can do with this trend. Keep in mind, the options are really are endless here!


Vendors: Disch Events | Horseshoe Bay Resort | Brittany Jean Photography | The Inviting Pear | Premiere Events | Kara Sanchez Beauty | Simon Lee Bakery | Models: Colby Hanks, Philip Baer

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Christmas Inspiration

Did you know that Christmas is 15 days away? You probably did. But in case you didn’t, Christmas is 15 DAYS AWAY! If you’re like us, you may be wondering how you’re going to put a table together for a festive meal and get all of the shopping finished in these next two weeks…

Well, rest easy, we are here to help with the table portion of your dilemma! We put together a styled shoot for your Christmas inspiration and are going to share it with you so you have one less thing on your to-do list. Consider it our Christmas gift to you!

Check out the images below taken by Jerry Hayes Photography at Mercury Hall with The Flower Studio:


For our Christmas table, we decided to go with a classic red, silver and gold look. We started with an apple red sequin linen and silver chiavari chairs.


We just love how the sequin linen picks up the light. Whether you are having your get together during the day or evening, it will pick up the natural sunlight or a candlelight glow to add some “sparkly romance” to your gathering!


The Flower Studio knocked this centerpiece out of the park! A mix of red roses and gold ornaments were the perfect addition to this table, and also tied in the classic colors we used perfectly!


Isn’t it perfect and so unique? We just love the way their design.


To add to the classic coloring, we used both a gold satin napkin and a silver matte satin napkin at each place setting. We alternated the napkin display between placing them on the charger and placing them in the wine glass. Alternating the napkins in such a way added a little fun feeling to the table and kept it from having such a uniform, “cookie cutter” design.


We decided to bring the sparkle up on our Christmas table by using our silver glitter charger. Color us biased, but we just love this charger and the sparkle it adds to any tabletop on which it’s used!

We also used a lucite napkin ring on those napkins we had placed atop the charger, which was a nice, elegant touch. Our gold capri flatware were the perfect modern, gold addition to this festive table!


For the glassware, we used the pure wine glass and the pure champagne flute. We love the teardrop shape of this glassware line and the elegance it adds to any tabletop! And, what’s even better about the pure glassware, is that there is a glass for just about any beverage you want to serve!


Feeling better about your tabletop design? Good. We had hoped this would help. Now, mentally moving on to what you might serve your guests? Well, we’ve got some ideas here too, but if we give you those, we want an invite… Joking. (Sort of.)

We did find the perfect holiday cocktail for you to serve your guests, though! Check out this recipe for a Moscow Reindeer (fun name, right!?). We taste-tested it as well, so rest easy on that. If you like a Moscow Mule, you’ll like this bad boy. And doesn’t it look darling in our copper mug!?


Now that you have all of our holiday planning tips and secrets, you should have no trouble getting started! And quick, because Santa will be here before we know it!

Let us be among the first to say, “happy holidays” to you and yours. Whatever you end up doing for the season, it will be time well spent around friends, family and loved ones.


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Hanukkah Inspiration

Happy December, friends! How are we already a few days in?!

With the start of December comes the myriad of holidays that are quickly approaching OR already here! Are you in as much of a holiday spirit as we are this year?

You may or may not know that Hanukkah began at sundown last night. We decided, since we are in the swing of it, that we’d share our Hanukkah table inspiration with you to get you ready for the next 7 days of celebration!


Check out some images below taken by Jerry Hayes Photography at Mercury Hall. The Flower Studio provided the centerpiece and we (of course) did the rentals.


We decided to go with a turquoise and silver look for this year’s Hanukkah table. We thought this was a nice twist to the “traditional blue”, which is more of a royal blue.


The linen we used was a turquoise vortex sequin. It’s a sheer linen so we used a shantung turquoise linen underneath to really bring the turquoise color through. We paired the tablecloth with silver chiavari chairs with a white pad (because who doesn’t like a little more cushion for their tush, especially during the holidays?!).


We decided to bring the glitz and sparkle up from the linen to the tabletop items by using our silver beaded chargers. These complimented and brought out the sequins perfectly! The silver rim dinner plate was the perfect addition for china because it tied in the silver from the chairs, and paired nicely with the chargers and goddess flatware. To add to the elegant feel of the table, we used our pure stemware.

The Flower Studio created this gorgeous centerpiece! It really brought the table together, we think. Elegant, understated and incredibly lovely, don’t you think?


To finish the look, we used satin turquoise napkins adorned in a square lucite napkin ring. We just love how the clear look of the lucite napkin ring really tied in the glassware and the chargers!

But wait… there’s more! Need a little cocktail inspiration? We don’t just offer decor inspiration, we can also help with that. We found one cocktail we loved the look of, made it, and loved the taste even more! Check out this recipe for a Blue Martini cocktail that will surely wow your guests over and over again!


Shalom and happy Hanukkah, y’all! We hope this has helped inspire you for any and all of your upcoming Hanukkah festivities!

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Trend watch: greenery

2018 has proven popular for greenery at weddings and our guess is, 2019 will be no different. This is one trend that will be sticking around well into the new year and we are definitely here for that!

Whether you opt for a table runner of greenery, hanging greenery, greenery in vases or a combination of any of these (have we said greenery enough yet…?), it will definitely be beautiful. The versatility and simplicity of this trend is our favorite. It can go with just about any theme and color scheme.

Wondering how you might be able to work greenery into your next event’s decor? We’ve included some pictures from weddings and events we’ve been a part of that used greenery in various ways. Check them out!

© Jenny DeMarco Photography

Jenny DeMarco Photography

This couple opted for low-laying greenery on their round tables and high-standing greenery in vases across their long table. We love how the couple took the greenery and created different levels with it throughout the room, and added in some white flowers and colored leaves to add more color to the room.

The vases they used for the greenery on the banquet table also allows for guests sitting across the table to see and interact with each other. Definitely something to keep in mind if you are thinking about a look like this!

florals-rentals-schaffer-4 (1) (2)

Michael Schaffer Photography

The designers of this table set up opted for a single lush, green table runner on their farm table. The greenery they chose is simple and perfect for a summer wedding. They added in touches of white and ivory flowers to compliment the white china and ivory chair pads. You could do something exactly like this for a single farm table, or multiple, and have the runner go across all of them. If your colors aren’t white, perhaps think about adding in a touch of whatever your colors are- pinks, purples, oranges, etc. The options are endless with this timeless look!

G2470 (1)

Pamela Hults Photography

For this wedding, the couple decided they wanted to do a mix of the hanging floral look and the table runner with their greenery. Their “hanging” florals are placed in tall vases that don’t obstruct guests’ views from each other or the room. The gold vases matched the gold chargers on the tables perfectly. The greenery on the table went across the length of the table and down each of the sides. They added in candles that were also used on their round tables for a romantic and cohesive look throughout.

Haley + Andrew Wedding096HIi

Haley Rynn Ringo Photography

This couple opted for a hanging floral installation for their wedding. The hanging florals matched the centerpieces that were used on each of the guest tables. Doing a hanging install like this would be the perfect touch for over the dance floor or even over the sweetheart table, if your venue allows it. We love the simplicity of this look and how it draws your attention upward.


Jerry Hayes Photography

This couple also opted for hanging greenery and greenery as a runner on their head table. They decided to use the hanging greenery and flower combo as their ceremony back drop and then had it double as their head table back drop. Talk about a wow factor for both… and the Instagram photos must have been amazing for this! They complimented the greenery on the perpendicular guest tables with centerpieces that matched the head table’s, just on a smaller scale.


SMS Photography

For the head table, this couple decided to do a simple runner with vases of flowers mixed throughout that matched their wedding colors. For their guest tables, they did a simple bouquet in the middle that mixed the two of these styles (greenery + flowers) together for a cohesive look throughout the reception. Aren’t the soft pinks a nice touch with the greenery?


Rachel Driskell Photography

The goal of this set up was moody with a pop of color. Safe to say, they nailed it, right?! They used simple greenery on the bar, with touches of color throughout and black candles and votives to bring in the “moody” feel.


These are just a few examples, and as you can see, they each have used greenery in a slightly different way for their wedding / event. However you decide to include it in yours, it will be stunning, we just know it!

Need more inspiration? We understand. Head on over to our Pinterest page where you’ll find a ton more! Planning to use greenery or already have? We want to see, send us all of your pics!

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Thanksgiving inspiration

Thanksgiving is this week. I repeat, THANKSGIVING IS THIS WEEK! Is anybody else as excited as we are? The stretchy pants are already broken out and lay waiting, ready to go for the feast that’s about to ensue.

Because Thanksgiving is practically tomorrow, we decided to use this week’s blog to bring you our Thanksgiving table to, hopefully, lend you a little inspiration for your holiday set up. Check out the photos below from the Thanksgiving shoot we did at Brodie Homestead with Jerry Hayes Photography and The Flower Studio!


Brodie Homestead served as the perfect location for our Thanksgiving shoot. With the deep brown woods throughout and the ivory stones, it really gave the whole shoot that warm and fuzzy feeling, which is exactly how you want to feel on Thanksgiving! The draping that they have in house (that’s used to separate the venue in case you need to keep some things secret) served as the perfect “entryway” for our table.

We decided to use our Beechwood X-Back chairs to play off of the deep wood tones. From there, we opted for an ivory Panama linen that brought in a little texture to the tabletop and served as the perfect neutral base color for our table.


We added a little shine with copper iridescent crush napkins and rose gold Lucca flatware that both complimented the chairs perfectly. To bring the texture up even further, we used burlap chargers and placed the Villa D’este dinner plate atop of them. The Villa D’este china has a thin brown rim around the edge that added the perfect touch to the place setting. We then finished the table setting by using our amber Lido goblets to bring in a color pop!


To carry that color pop throughout, we placed gourds and mini pumpkins at each place setting. These could even be perfect to use as place card holders for your guests if you’re having a set seating chart! The Flower Studio finished off the look with their gorgeous and festive centerpiece. The perfect mix of oranges, purples, greens, browns and reds, it added just enough extra color to the table while also maintaining the warm and welcoming feeling.

Don’t you just want to sit down and start eating some turkey right now?! We absolutely love how this table turned out and we couldn’t have done it without the fabulous vendor team!

To make your Thanksgiving even sweeter (or boozier… that’s a word, right?), we found the perfect drink recipe for you and your guests to enjoy. Curious what it is? It’s a boozy apple cider that Delish put together. Sounds good, right? We’ll definitely be giving that a go for our Thanksgiving! Check out the recipe, instructions and video showing you how to make it here.

Regardless of how you decide to set up your Thanksgiving table, we hope you are surrounded by the people you love most and that you enjoy the time spent with one another. After all, that is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Happy Thanksgiving from your entire Premiere team! May your hearts and bellies be full!

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