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    By: Lauren Stewart 

    Think of delicate French lavender, light pink and yellow creating a soft and harmonious feel in the midst of summer. The thought of having the most chic and stunning wedding of the season is sure a desire for all. To start planning you will need to pick a season and color scheme. as far as wedding color themes go, I would say this one screams “SUMMER”.

    On the table Premiere Events Clear Glass Charger with Gold Band, Fleur Salad Plate, Heirloom Blush Salad Plate, Pure 13 oz Tall Wine,Capri Brushed Gold, 

    This soft yet extravagant table top features some of our beloved inventory. If you are interested in creating this timeless look for your event, you can shop our inventory at Premiere Events

    Also, a big thank you to all that contributed to this styled shoot. Ashley with Epoch Events brought this look alive from the design, styling and planning by Ashley @Epochoevents and the talented  photographer   Photography by @lightasgold captured all of these amazing shots.

    This gorgeous venue is located just minutes from downtown Austin, Texas. Camino Real Ranch is the perfect location for spectacular views and it’s located near local bars just down the street from your venue to keep the celebration going!  Camino Real Ranch offers an exquisite view of a modern dessert, boho chic, right in the middle of Texas. If you are looking for a California feel, but in Texas then this is your perfect venue!

    This magnificent cake and desert pictured below are made and designed from feathers and frosting. This company is based in Austin, Texas if looking to acquire a cake or dessert company for your upcoming event.

    Adding floral centerpieces to your table tops are a classic touch. The simplicity of flowers adds that pop of color to create a bold splash tying in your array of colors. Whether you choose your venue to be located outside or inside, fresh flowers are always a perfect idea for any event.

    At Camino Real Ranch you have choices of the featured chairs below. They offer black bentwood dining chairs with gold tipped legs, which is perfect for chic and trendy weddings!

     Are you in search of a modern day wedding invitation for your big celebration?

    If so, @Fine Day Press has exactly what you are looking for. Pictured to the left from this event is the invitation design. This style along with many others that you could pick and choose from to fit your colors and theme!

    C R E A T I V E  T E A M

    Design + Styling + Planning | Ashley with @epochcoevents

    Venue | @camino_real_ranch

    Photography | @lightasgold

    Stationery | @finedaypress

    Floral Design | @truthandblooms

    Cake + Desserts | @feathers.and.frostingRentals | @partytimerentalscollegestation

    Details | @anthropologie @blacklanddistilleryfw @desertdoor @historicpearl @indybrewing @ranchriderspirits @bravadospice @paddywaxcandles @elarroyo_atx

  • Wedding at The Weinberg

    Wedding  at The Weinberg


    Grey Bennett Wood Charger , Capri Stainless, Valore Beverage, 

    If your wedding desires are rustic with a twist of elegance, then The Weinberg at Wixon Valley would be the perfect venue for you. Locally owned and operated in Bryan, Texas it is conveniently located between Houston, Austin and Dallas. Just minutes from College Station, this venue makes for a perfect Texas destination or Aggie wedding.

    This wedding was Texas themed as the couple is big into hunting! You’ll find antlers, feathers, and wood accents mixed into the gorgeous floral. The couple wanted to pay tribute to their favorite things to do with out being too rustic.

    Premiere’s Tarrytown Couch and Cow Print Chairs are a MUST HAVE for a Texas-chic wedding or event! Giving your guests a seating area gives them a place to comfortably mingle. It also gives a place for grandparents to have space to sit down.

    Our Rustic arbor was even transformed with a large animal skull and antlers. Check out our huge selection of ceremony backdrops and specialty event décor staples!

    The Weinberg has massive crystal chandeliers that hang in
    the reception hall from the wood ceiling.

    From top to bottom this gorgeous venue has it all from stunning chandeliers lining the grand hall, to wood flooring on the second story, to seating up to 450 guests, and the coolest feature is  the venue provides an elevator for guests to easily go upstairs and downstairs. The greenery by Unforgettable Floral is a perfect touch to the black metal railing that brings the eyes up all the way to the the third floor.

    The second floor of the Weinberg can have a similar or different style table setting. The upstairs is also a great alternative for a cocktail hour if there is inclement weather on the patio. These linens are our etched aluminum velvet. The “etched velvet” can come in a variety of colors! If we don’t have what you are looking for, ask us about special ordering.

    The perfect touch to any table is a simple but classic chair. The chairs pictured above are featured with renting at The Weinberg at Wixon Valley  but if you are deciding on a different venue and would love to have a similar chair for your event, Premiere Events carries a Beechwood X-Back Chair that would be a perfect dupe!

    For all of your Weinberg at Wixon Valley event and décor needs, you can check out our expansive rental selection online at We have everything available for your dream wedding, from linens, to china, to candle centerpieces and much more! Our team can deliver the morning of, and schedule pick up after your wedding concludes. If you need extra help, for an additional cost we can provide set up and room flip service for you. Contact us today for a quote!


    Venue: The Weinberg at Wixon Valley 

    Planning & Coordination: Perfectly Planned

    Photography: Kaitlyn Trainham Photography

    Floral: Unforgettable Floral

    Tableware Rentals: Party Time Rentals

    Bride & Groom: Sydney & Brady Cooper 

  • 3 Wow Worthy Wedding & Design Trends

    Brilliant! That’s our take on the three Wedding Design and Décor elements presented here for your inspiration. We hope you enjoy these wow-worthy trends as much as we do!

    Jenna McElroy Photography

    1. Tents! Over the past year, while pandemic pandemonium raged around us, tents presented a way for weddings and other events to take place. Tenting became a means of complying with COVID-19 gathering restrictions, allowing many wedding couples to celebrate their special day. At least in some parts of the country, with proper social distancing and masks in place, family and friends were able to partake in the wedding festivities. Through the pandemic experience, we learned that, all decked out in their wedding day best, today’s tented environments are as appealing as any hotel ballroom, as inviting as any reception hall, and as awe-inspiring as any swanky country club.

    We also became keenly aware that tenting offers the wedding couple one huge advantage. You get to ‘pick your favorite spot’, then design a tented setting around your individual needs, your unique wants, and your fondest wishes! Decide where you want your wedding ceremony and reception to take place, and with almost no limits, a creative and experienced tent and rental provider can help make the wedding of your dreams happen – right where you want it to be.

    Tents are transportable and transformative –traveling venues that open up the universe of location choices. Planning a tented wedding from the get-go gives you maximum flexibility and autonomy, and ensures your special day won’t have that ‘been there – done that’ look and feel. That’s an important part of the decision-making process in opting to create your own space, and another reason many wedding couples are choosing to marry in the great outdoors, but with a tented twist.

    Tenting is also a great way to expand your traditional venue’s capacity when you want or need more space. Perhaps you just can’t fit that lounge area or cigar-rolling station or extra bar or whatever ‘it’ might be under your venue’s roof – tenting enables you to give your guests an optimum, uncrowded experience, with protection from the elements in inclement weather. Maybe a place to mingle during the cocktail period, before heading indoors for dinner and dancing, is important to you, and more enjoyable for your guests as well. Premiere Events and Party Time Rentals tent experts can guide you through the tent selection and space planning process that works best for your special day. Contact a Premiere Events or Party Time Rentals Event Consultant today – we’re happy to help! Check out our tent selection HERE!

    2. Clear Acrylics! Almost futuristic, clear acrylic wedding design elements are ultra-trendy. Stylistically, acrylic décor is sleek, versatile and fashionable. Premiere Events and Party Time rentals offer a variety of acrylic options for everything from seating to signage to lounge accessories. Most of our pieces can be ‘customized’ – add a monogram to the sweetheart chairs or names (and or roles) to wedding party seating.

    Greet your guests with an acrylic seating chart. Place an acrylic cocktail menu at the bar. Use acrylic napkin rings – so suave and so simple. Repurpose those acrylic ‘sneeze guards’, so prevalent during the pandemic, into creative clear acrylic décor. Your imagination is the ticket to the next never-been-done-before bright idea.

    The Knot suggests clear acrylics for modern, contemporary chic, minimalist and glam weddings. We agree that this trend lends itself to these themes, but with the right personal touches, clear acrylics can be used for virtually any wedding theme – or no theme at all. Enjoy these clear and classy acrylic images. Search our clear acrylic lucite on the website!

    3. Metallics! Gold, we’re told, is back in a big way. Though never actually missing from our wedding repertoire, this classic metal was eclipsed for a bit by rose gold, copper and other metallics. Whatever the hue, according to the Knot, “Metal wedding décor has taken over Pinterest boards everywhere with their cool and yet slightly edgy elegance. Couples are working metallic décor into centerpieces, table décor, and even barware.” Linens with a metallic flair are another way of adding sparkle to a lovely wedding day. Incorporating metallics into the table-top mix is warm, elegant and rich – creating a look that’s both trendy . . . and timeless. You’ve got a myriad of metallic choices at Premiere Events / Party Time Rentals. ‘True-gold, brushed gold, rose gold, we’ve got the golden glow down pat. Silver and black – they’re here for you too! The Knot suggests that “couples are getting creative with their wedding rentals and working in metallic serving ware like copper cups (Moscow Mules, anyone?), gold place settings, and metallic table runners.” AT PE / PTR, you’ll find not only an amazing array of metallic chargers, but a wide selection of metallic embellished dinner plates, salad plates, glassware, and more. The Knot agrees with our sentiment that one can never have too much shine! “Your wedding is the best time to adopt a full glam… look ” Visit us online or be our in-person showroom guest and see our shimmer and sparkles for yourself.

  • Three Trendy Wedding Themes

    Trendy – Very Fashionable: Up-To-Date!

    You’re certainly under no obligation to give your wedding a theme – “a specific and distinctive quality or characteristic”. In our experience however, couples often opt for a wedding theme. Many select a theme that’s meaningful and personal to them – perhaps one they’ve been thinking of (or dreaming about) even before the wedding details were decided. Other ‘stylish wedding couples’ choose themed wedding design and décor that’s consistent with their personal style, but also expresses a wedding theme that’s in vogue. We hope you enjoy today’s post highlighting three trendy themes and offering ways to make them your own.

    Cottage Core Weddings.

    “If your social feeds have recently been dominated by quaint countryside vignettes, antique décor inspiration and prairie-style fashion”, the Knot says you’re not alone.” According to Knot wedding experts, “Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates a slower pace of life, rooted in simplicity and nostalgia.” Cottagecore was pandemic-perfect. Cottagecore comfort was a ‘real thing’ during our stay-at-home pandemic days. We enjoyed, vicariously or in the great outdoors, the simple pleasures a cottagcore vibe represents – “a slower pace, earthy flowers, farm animals, homemade crafts and freshly baked goods – like grandma’s, but better! “Visually”, the Knot suggests, “cottagecore is represented by light and airy fabrics, pastel colors and floral prints.” “Feeling cozy is another key descriptor of cottagecore.” One of the best ways to create a warm and cozy cottagecore wedding setting is through tents and twinkly lights – one of 2021’s biggest wedding trends.

    Here are some Premiere Events (PE) / Party Time Rentals (PTR) event images depicting cottagecore-compatible rentals. These selections, along with others you may find online (at and http://www.partytime rentals. com), provide perfect cottage-core themed furnishings, table-top elements, décor and more. Looking for something a little different? Talk to a PE / PTR Event Consultant about your special wishes. Discover more about cottage core at

    Dark Academia (D A) Weddings.

    Edgy with a Gothic twist. “Inspired by classic literature, Greek arts, and couples who envision a moody-yet-elegant wedding day,” Dark Academia, a relatively new addition to the wedding theme scene, is garnering considerable attention. According to the Knot, “#DarkAcademia” has been viewed over 900 million times. That’s a lot of attention for a cutting-edge approach to wedded bliss.
    “It’s hard to narrow down the origin of this internet trend”, the Knot continues. “It glorifies the aesthetic of 19th century English boarding schools or Ivy League colleges tucked across New England.” If you’re thinking ‘Harry Potterish’, you’re headed in the right direction. “Some of today’s dark academia aesthetic can be related to the mystical and scholarly themes of that beloved book and movie series.”
    Finding an appropriate DA venue, especially classic structures with “exposed brick, cathedral ceilings, stained glass windows and vintage charm” may be challenging in many US cities, but even in Austin, Texas (and outlying areas), it’s possible to locate surroundings that will “bring the mythical, ominous vibes of dark academia to life”.
    Once you’ve found (or adapted or created) the right space, you’ll need décor that transports your guests “to Hogwarts or Harvard circa 1930.” An abundance of Black Beauty, Black Magic, or Black Baccara roses provides a lavish D A foundation. Choose D A appropriate furnishings, table top and décor, and viola – you’ve masterfully created a convincing D A space. A “deep color palette with hues like burgundy, charcoal, back or emerald” will add to the mystique. Premiere and Party Time offer a variety of rental options, like those pictured in this post, to help convey the D A vibe.
    If you’re interested in summer reading to help get you in a D A mindset , we found this short list of DA themed books.

    Eco-Friendly Weddings.

    Today’s environmentally-conscious wedding couples are embracing eco-friendliness and incorporating sustainability in deliberate, highly visible ways. Here’s what the Knot advises about hosting eco-friendly, sustainable weddings. “Wedding waste is never in vogue . . . what are some creative ways to bring sustainability to your day? Be conscious about food waste, rent items whenever possible, look for dried flowers or plants that can be kept after the wedding . . .”

    The online Brides resource, offers eco-friendly wedding thoughts. “Single-use anything is not good for the environment, so check out websites geared toward renting décor and equipment. Forget plastic glasses in favor of rented stemware – it looks more elegant, too – and forgo paper plates for rented china, It will automatically upgrade your whole wedding look and reduce landfill waste. The same goes for linens. Instead of paper napkins rent linen napkins tablecloths, and runners.
    This same source makes additional eco-friendly suggestions that we find worth mentioning.

    -Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue
    -Marry in the Great Outdoors, and finally,
    -Create an Eco-Friendly Registry or opt for a Charity Registry

    Eliza Lopez Photos

    Making use of rentals is a consistent piece of eco-friendly wedding advice. Here’s Green Wedding Shoe’s online guidance in that regard ( “There are so many rental companies out there with gorgeous pieces to choose from, so unless you’re going to buy things for the wedding and then incorporate them into your home after, it’s better to rent than buy and dump. If possible, avoid disposable dinnerware and opt for rented tableware and assorted goods.” Premiere and Party Time are here to help you make elegant, affordable rental choices like those pictured here – choices that show how deeply you care about creating a “green” wedding experience.
    These are but a few of the countless wedding themes this post might have featured. We singled out these three, but whatever theme you choose, or if you elect for no theme at all, we’re here to help. May your wedding be everything you hope for – everything you’ve dreamed of – everything that contributes to your happiness and enriches the guests’ experience. Contact us TODAY to get your wedding rental planning underway— there’s no time like the present and nothing to be gained by waiting!

  • Ma Maison Open House

    Photo by Julie Wilhite

    Premiere Events had the pleasure of supporting and attending Ma Maison’s January 31, 2021 Open house.   It was a perfect day in January, neither too warm nor too cold.  The event was expertly planned, with staggered entry for guests, face masks worn by vendors and guests alike and every possible safety precaution.  Each area was designed by a different planner, incorporating their own unique vision and style.    The well-attended event was designed for the whole family to enjoy, complete with a petting zoo and beer burro photo ops.

    Lisa Hause Photo

    We entered the Great Hall to the upbeat tempo of Plush Party Band greeting us.  Big Time Creatives designed this area with a Scandinavian (Scandi) Wedding Theme.  Natural elements shone brightly with wooden tables, winter green and white florals, and neutral place settings.  The whole vibe was decidedly winter wonderland.  The floral installation hanging over the wooden tables was made of bleached, dried flowers, winter greenery and dried citrus.  It was the perfect structural piece that set off the whole look.  

    Photo by: Julie Wilhite

    Big Time Creatives brought the Eastern European inspiration upstairs to the loft overlooking the Great Hall.  The Reception Dinner décor complimented the downstairs theme, while offering more intimacy and bright, festive colors.

    The Trellis, an outdoor covered area adjacent to The Great Hall, was designed by An Event to Remember.   It was decorated in a lovely emerald green and gold.  High top Edison Pub tables were paired with Ghost Bar Stools for a modern and sophisticated touch.  Cocktail tables were draped with elegant Hunter Green velvet linens and the greenery adorning the beams was fresh and lush.   The focal point was Premiere’s Boxwood Hedges adorned with up lights, florals and a dramatic “I love you so much” sign! 

    Lisa Hause Photo
    Lisa Hause Photo

    Springtime in Paris was in full bloom at The Green Cathedral.   Paris is the City of Love and Something to Celebrate brought the ambiance to Dripping Springs, Texas.  Bright floral arrangements complimented the soft colored Blush Matte Satin Linens and neutral tabletop décor.  Fanciful touches were sprinkled throughout the space, from the balloon installation at the altar to the vintage bike propped against a Boxwood Hedge Escort Sign.  

    Lisa Hause Photo

    Karen Moise’s pride in ownership is evident throughout the venue.  Ma Maison meaning “My House” sincerely makes you feel like it is your family’s French countryside home for your special day.  Attention to detail is in every corner as Karen continues to create additional spaces to the venue.  

    Outside The Chapel,  beautiful  desserts were exquisitely displayed, on Premiere’s clear acrylic pedestals and stands.  As you entered The Chapel, designed by Altar Ego Events it was magical and very intimate.  The Chapel was decorated with tall branch-like centerpieces placed on smooth white pedestal stands and floating candle arrangements on the ground. The pianist, playing in one of the corners, made The Chapel even more romantic.

    Lisa Haus Photo

    When you stepped out of the Chapel, you were welcomed to other areas that were beautifully put together by the many talented planners.  The Lake View (Lac Moise), designed by Bekah Laine Events, invited you to a  fun Fiesta.  Premiere provided vibrant Velvet Fiesta linens which were used on both cocktail and guest seating areas.  To give a modern touch, a Sculpted acrylic chair was chosen to go with the guest seating.  Colorful streamers were hung from the wrought iron gazebo which also featured a 4 -tiered sugar skull cake.  If you were having a sweet tooth moment you were able to enjoy fresh made churros and cotton candy.   You also found a refreshing margarita stand in that area to wash the sweetness down.  What could be more Fiesta than pairing churros and margaritas!

    Photo by Lisa Hause

    The Grove, designed by Simply XO was simply amazing.  As you entered through the brick wall with the brown metal doors, you could just picture yourself getting married there.  White Chiavari chairs were set up ceremony style, and guests were being serenaded by a guitarist.  The Grove decor was a vibe of Boho mixed with Chic.  The table setting was under a lighted frame structure which at night gives the look of an outdoor wedding reception under the stars.  The Floral decor in this area had soft, neutral, and warm colored florals, giving it a Boho Chic style.  If you were craving something delicious that paired well with this vibe, you were invited to try an Apple Caramel cider, and if you wanted to get adventurous you had the option of adding a hint of bourbon.  Tasty appetizers and desserts were also available.  The Grove, overlooking the lake, is such a serene and beautiful area!

    Lisa Haus Photo

    All in all, it was a wonderful Open House.  We loved having each area designed and executed by such creative teams. The different styles and vibes on display enabled bridal couples to see just how versatile this amazing venue truly is.  Here at Premiere Events, we were very honored and grateful to have been the only full-service rental company to participate in this event.  

    Photo by Julie Wilhite

    All vendors:

    @juliewilhitephotography @sohocateringandconsulting

  • 2021 Wedding Tips and Trends – Rental, Décor and More

    2021 Wedding Tips and Trends – Rental, Décor and More
    2021 Wedding Tips and Trends: Rentals, Decor, and More! Yellow velvet cocktail table linen for cake table.

    Despite COVID-19 circumstances, and the pandemic’s prolonged impact on gatherings throughout last year, we at Premiere, here in Austin, and at Party Time Rentals in College Station, were fortunate to have been allowed, throughout much of 2020, to help execute, a few relatively large weddings and a host of smaller weddings and wedding-related events.  While we certainly experienced our fair share of postponements and a few outright cancellations, and deeply empathize with the tough choices our couples had to make, we are so grateful to our couples who pushed forward, and despite the inherent difficulties, celebrated their marriage in meaningful ways, both grand and intimate. 

    In this post we share, based on intense research and decades of wedding-industry experience, our take on what the New Year will bring to the 2021 wedding scene. Predictably, for as long as our communities are threatened by the pandemic, micro weddings, either planned by design or held by default (due to travel restrictions or travel concerns, potential COVID vulnerability and other factors), will continue taking the wedding world by a storm. If you’re newly engaged, (Congratulations!) a pintimate wedding, carefully planned from the outset, is definitely an interesting alternative. If you’re unfamiliar, a pintimate wedding is a personal and intimate wedding, also known as a Micro Wedding; a small, intimate wedding reception and/or ceremony typically celebrated with twenty to fifty guests.

    Outdoor al fresco wedding with clear lucite chairs and gorgeous florals.

    Starting late last summer, and throughout the fall, Premiere and our sister store Party Time assisted with micro weddings by the score.  We found that, when you opt for a micro wedding, everything immediately becomes so much more meaningful as you focus on what, and above all, who, are really important to you. And while approaching the planning process from that perspective often lends itself to a more simple and minimalistic design…

    Simple floral microwedding dinner table

    …it doesn’t mean your special day has to be any less elegant or less extravagant, if that’s the vibe you want! Having a micro wedding allows you to hyper-personalize every last detail.   Because the numbers are lower, abundant time and ample resources can be dedicated to each and every invited guest and wedding detail you include. 

    There’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple and budget-friendly, but we urge you to remember that this is still your wedding day, and should be a true reflection of who you are as a couple and what you want. So we say splurge a little, and have the Pinterest-worthy wedding of your dreams on a smaller scale that you many have originally planned for or imagined.

    Here are a few splurges we recommend for micro weddings:

    The majority of our tabletop rentals (china, chargers, flatware, and napkins) are rented in quantities of 10’s so it’s easy to order for a small group!

    Instead of Basic Z-ware, opt for the Heirloom China!

    Simple white china and blush pink heirloom china

    Consider adding a Bennett Wood Charger or Gold Banded Glass Charger to instantly elevate your table setting!

    Place settings with a scalloped whitewash wooden charger and a glass charger with gold band

    Although Excalibur glassware gets the job done, it’s your wedding! Trust us, choose the Melodia Crystal instead.

    Simple wine and champagne glassware and cut crystal glassware at two table settings

    Euro Rim is a perfectly respectable flatware option, but we know you’re eyeing the Capri Brushed Gold!

    Simple stainless Euro Rim flatware and elegant place setting with Gold Brushed Capri Modern flatware

    It might be tempting to keep it simple with Economy linens, but we recommend the Velvet linens instead. Studies show your guests will spend up to 80% of their time “at the table” – what’s on that table, as well who’s “at it”, makes a huge difference. Now is also the best time to order your linen rentals as we’re running our annual Linen Special between January 11th and February 1st. Check out the details here!

    Wedding Reception with ivory and burgundy polyester linens next to a banquet table with navy velvet linen and burgundy velvet napkins

    Step up your seating! Out with the basic folding chairs and in with the classic X-Back Chairs! Bonus points if you do assigned ceremony seating for an extra personal touch!

    Wooden Crossback Cafe Chairs at outdoor wedding reception and with assigned ceremony seating

    Looking for something a bit more luxurious?

    You’re in good company! Sometimes you have something unique in mind, and that’s where Premiere Select, our Luxury Collection enters. Think of it as a rental boutique with upscale selections for high-end weddings, celebrations and social affairs in and around Austin and Central Texas. We offer a complete line of specialty flatware, glassware, china, chargers, linens, furniture, and decorative cake tables. If we don’t have it, we probably know where to get it or how to make a custom version just for you!

    We had the most fun working on the design of this stunning wedding at a private residence last year. Through Premiere Select, we assisted the client with custom draping throughout the property, tables and chairs for the ceremony and reception, tabletop rentals, and even helped with coordinating the lighting and signage for this incredibly chic wedding. More truly is more!

    Glamorous blush and white wedding with draping, chandeliers, statement floral installations, and romantic atmosphere

    Thinking big and outside the box!

    And maybe a pintimate microwedding isn’t your cup of tea! There are still safe ways to celebrate with larger crowds and have the macro wedding of your dreams, as long as you’re operating within the gathering limitations imposed by your local government offices. We’ve partnered with many COVID-19-conscious couples to help them host weddings within the necessary parameters and make their guests comfortable!

    Outdoor Ceremony Site at Ma Maison set with Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs

    As 2021 picks up, we expect to see a lot more outdoor events and wedding ceremonies and receptions. 

    Outdoor wedding with a tent and and with a farm table reception in the woods.

    With the unpredictability of Texas weather, that means tents, whether for rain and bad weather plans, or to create shade on a warm spring or hot summer day!

    Outdoor Tented wedding at the Grand Lady with blues, creams, and pinks

    Even if the weather is great, a tent frame without the top and dramatic lighting creates such a romantic atmosphere.

    Outdoor wedding under a tent frame with twinkly lights at Woodbine Mansion

    2021 in color

    Bold color palettes reign supreme. With Pantone’s cheery yellow tone, Illuminating, and simplistic neutral, Ultimate Gray, we’re bound to see endless variety.

    Pantone's 2021 Colors of the Illuminating and Ultimate Gray set against the Sunshine Velvet and Charcoal Panama table linens

    Many millennial couples are also taking inspiration from the 80’s and 90’s with bright hues like fuchsia, papaya orange, sunny yellow, bright reds, and teal blues.

    Fuchsia and cream, teal and peach, and bright reddish orange table settings

    And for those who prefer something more subtle, you still can’t go wrong with warm neutrals, crisp light blues, and pastel lavender.

    Light sky blue tablecloth, cream and mustard modern wedding, and lavender velvet napkin

    Don’t forget to plan for the uninvited guest, COVID-19.

    Whether large or small, highly-detailed or super simple – however you choose to voice your promises and celebrate your love, your special day will be a beautiful expression of your commitment. Regardless of your choice to proceed with a full-size or narrowed down wedding guest list, we recommend implementing COVID safety precautions into your plans, like Acrylic Buffet Sneeze Guards, Hand Sanitizer Stations, and of course masks. We’re so impressed by the creative ways our clients kept their guests safe!

    Hand sanitizer station, spread love not germs, wine glass with paper glass cover, and wedding cake surrounded by lucite cover

    Curious how we’re handling our operations and inventory differently during COVID? Check out our Risk Mitigation Plan here! We also put together a blog post last fall to show different table set ups with 6 guests while setting up a socially distanced seating display in our South Showroom that may help with visualizing your plans.

    No matter if this is your first wedding, second or third marriage, or you got eloped during COVID-19 and are ready to host your sequel wedding, we’re here to help you in this part of your journey as much or as little as you need. Even if you want to use your family’s china but just need a few extra chairs, or you need a tent, tables, glasses, and the whole set up in your backyard or venue, we are ready, willing and able to accommodate!

    Please visit us at either of our two 2 Austin locations, North (11002-A Metric Blvd.) and South (11810 Menchaca Rd.) for your convenience! We’re open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm by appointment, and Saturday appointments may be arranged with extra advance notice subject to availability. We are also happy to welcome you to our College Station showroom at Party Time Rentals, our sister store. If you’re not ready to visit in person, we’re also available for virtual showroom visits, via Zoom or the platform of your choice . . . To get started, please complete our contact form.

    In the meantime, here’s wishing you a safe, healthy and happy 2021.

  • 2020 – 2021 Premiere President’s Letter

    2020 – 2021 Premiere President’s Letter

    In my wildest dreams, most pensive moments, I never envisioned the 2020 scenario that unfolded over these past 11 months. The year started much like any other – with high hopes and carefully laid plans – with optimism and confidence. In late 2019, as 2020 goals were prepared and objectives articulated, there was every reason to expect that Premiere Events would experience its 20th consecutive positive revenue growth year – every reason to believe that Party Time Rentals would continue to flourish.

    As February began, storm clouds gathered on the horizon. Throughout the new year’s second month, the clouds darkened, and dire predictions about something called “COVID-19” were made. By March, news of a worldwide pandemic spread, until COVID’s very real threat to our physical and economic health dominated our thoughts – kept us awake at night – made us anxious and afraid.

    Then came the deluge. Shut downs. Event bans. Cancellations, postponements and refunds. Unemployment, Furloughs, and Layoffs. For us, PPP was a ray of hope, and EIDL a means of restoring deposits. But the relief was short lived, and the economic challenges intensified. The psychological challenges deepened as well. Working, schooling and worshipping from home, we were adrift . . . our sense of community lost. Our very way of life changed fundamentally, perhaps, we feared, forever.

    But what was, was, and what will be, will be. We cannot “cry over [figuratively] spilled milk”.  In this 2021 New Year’s message, I’d like to share with you three important and decidedly positive lessons I, our company, and our teams learned from the unfortunate set of COVID circumstances.

    First, we can do with much less than we think we need . . . or believe we “should” have. We can economize, tighten our belts and count our pennies. We can forgo the wants and the wows, and get back to basics. When our backs are against the wall and our bank accounts are shrinking fast, we can be frugal and fiscally conservative. Not stingy (we still awarded holiday team bonuses, albeit less impressive than normal and supported our favorite charities, although perhaps less generously), not miserly or tightfisted – but smart in our spending and wise in our use of all our resources, especially our cash. We can adapt, professionally certainly, and personally, when necessary, to a “lower standard of living”.

    Second, we re-learned what we’d already known, but perhaps stored in the far reaches of consciousness –  hope for the best, but wisely plan (and prepare) for the worst.  Cindy Lo tweeted this week regarding Red Velvet’s pandemic experience, and pointed out how a cash reserve built up over the years helped her company cope with COVID’s economic impact. Had our company not done the same, we might not have made it.

    Finally, we learned that yes, we truly are, all in this together. That’s a reality from which I, for one, took great comfort. Rick and Angela, two-thirds of the Premiere/ Party Time Executive Team, were rock solid. Their dedication and determination were (and are) invaluable. The “skeleton crew” that provided “essential services” and reported for duty during the shut down were brave and true. Working from home, our SACS (Sales and Customer Service Team) were rock stars. They responded to inquiries, fielded refund requests, provided information, attended webinars, and made meaningful contributions.

    Marketing and website team members were diligent and creative, working hard, once the event ban was lifted, promoting micro-events and other event alternatives, reaching out to new markets, devising new strategies. Our DACS Team (Delivery and Customer Service) was diligent in following Clean, Safe and Essential (American Rental Association) protocols and remaining ever vigilant.

    Sure, we did “it”, for us, but we did “it” for you, too. For each of you who rely on us to meet your rental needs. We kept our showrooms sanitary, treated our inventory as promised, purchased and provided products to help you better serve your customers. We kept in touch. We supported your efforts. We kept our promises and honored our commitments. Despite occasional drama, a dose of uncertainty and an element of doubt, we soldiered on. We’re grateful to each and all of you for the opportunity to have decidedly demonstrated that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. That only the strong survive.       

    As we look forward to this New Year, we, like many of you, will emerge tougher, leaner and better prepared for what lies ahead. It is our fondest hope and fervent plea that all of our best days lie ahead. New Year’s blessings to you and yours.

    Delores, Rick, Angela, Premiere Events and Party Time Rentals.

  • How to Set Your Thanksgiving Table for a Feast

    How to Set Your Thanksgiving Table for a Feast

    Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for all of the wonderful things in life, and especially for the people with whom that life is shared. At Premiere, we’re grateful for our team, our customers, and for our ability to weather this pandemic storm. Despite all of the hardships this year, we have so much to be thankful for, and we want to share a little bit of our knowledge with you to help make your 2020 celebrations a little less stressful.

    First, determine how many people will be sharing your Thanksgiving table(s). Make a list of everything you already have to accommodate your guests and note the rental support you’ll need to make the Celebration complete.

    Sam Hugh Photography

    Tables – This year, consider asking your guests whether they’d like to sit separately from others (due to high-risk factors for COVID), and consider setting an extra 30” round table to ensure socially distanced seating in small spaces! Taking proper precautions shouldn’t prevent family or friends from celebrating this special day.

    Monica Alberty Photography

    Chairs – Odds are that you have some chairs, but maybe not enough. That neighbor you usually borrow from for game night might be hosting their own Thanksgiving at home this year. Premiere can help with the overflow, or, if aesthetics are important to you, consider renting a full matched-chair set. 

    Shelby Bella Photography

    Table Linens – Whether you’re renting tables or using your own, odds are you’ll need table linens. We carry many different sizes, colors, and materials to complete your fall look.

    Brittany Jean Photography

    Linen Napkins – This year, make more of an eco-friendly impact by renting cloth napkins. You’ll  have less trash than with disposable paper napkins, and you don’t even have to wash them. They’ll come to you sanitized and ready to use, and we’ll wash and sanitize them upon return.

    Butch Ireland Photography

    Dishes, Flatware, and Glassware – Nobody wants to do all the dishes after your full from the biggest meal of the year, and why should you? Odds are you’ve been cooking and baking for hours, so why not relax and spend more time with your family this year? Just scrape your plates, then place them back in the crate and we’ll wash them for you upon return!

    Rachel Driskill Photography

    Serving Platters, Bowls, and Utensils – If you don’t have all of the serving pieces you need and don’t feel like borrowing, or maybe you live in a small apartment by yourself, but just want to host Friendsgiving without having to buy and find a place to store everything forever, considering renting what you’ll need! We have a huge selection of all different sizes.

    And More! – If you’re feeding everyone you know, or helping out at your church or community center with feeding those less fortunate, you might need cooking equipment, chafers and hot boxes to keep your food hot. Premiere has everything you might need to help make it a meal to be grateful for. We even have hand sanitizer dispensers, buffet sneeze guards, trash cans, and more.

    Butch Ireland Photography

    Don’t forget the kids! – Let’s be honest, when we were little ones, all we wanted was to be grown up enough to sit at the big table, but now that we have a few more years under our belts, all we want to do is get back to that kids table!  Set up a mini-version of the adults table, or keep it simple with butcher paper instead of a table linen, but whatever you do, don’t forget about the kiddos!

    Want to recreate the look above? Here’s what we used to create this gorgeous table setting!

    Spice Panama Table Linen
    White Wash Bennett Wood Charger
    Premiere Select Jasmine Salad and Dinner Plates
    Camel Iridescent Crush Napkin
    Premiere Select Medici Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, and Dinner Knife
    Pure 23oz Wine Glass 
    Curvature 8oz Stemless Champagne Flute
    Amber Olivia 10oz Double Old Fashioned

    Need help? Contact a Premiere Events Consultant to discuss your menu and rental needs! We’re happy to provide you with a complimentary rental quote!

    We will be closed on November 26th and 27th to celebrate the holiday with our own families, but we will be open on Wednesday the 25th, and again on Monday, the 30th.

  • Fall Wedding & Event Inspiration

    On a normal Autumn day in the showroom, we’d be assisting multiple customers with selecting their rentals, or answering questions over the phone, but with the ever-looming Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had a little more time to catch our breath. 

    As more and more customers feel comfortable coming back into the showroom for appointments, we figured it was a good time to update our Design Inspiration Tables, and why not use this opportunity to showcase a potential event set up complete with social distancing, extra spacing between guests at each table, and some of our favorite newer rental inventory?!

    The South Showroom Consultants Amanda and Chandler teamed up with our Administration & Employee Relations Speciality, Michelle to come up with a beautiful socially distanced design featuring four different table sizes in an ombre autumn-inspired theme, complete with a mockup of a miniature buffet station!

    We started with a concept (which evolved throughout the planning):

    This set up would utilize three different sized guest tables all at least 6ft apart from each other, with six place settings to show the different amounts of spacing you could place between guests for extra distancing, a sweetheart table for dramatic effect, two cocktail tables, our Wooden Champagne Wall as a backdrop for the sweetheart table, and a miniature 6ft buffet table. The conference table shown in the diagram is a permanent feature of our showroom, although it has gone unused since the local Stay at Home order took effect in March.

    We then did what we’d do with any clients coming into the showroom, we brainstormed which items might go with our color palette and set up mock table settings with our showroom samples!

    Once we were happy with our rental selections and the overall flow of how the ombre would progress, we checked our inventory to ensure that we had the correct sizes of table linens available to fit our layout. 

    Next, we created an overview of the inventory items for each tablescape to assist in organizing the items during the set up so we didn’t have to refer back to a list or multiple photos.

    We then pulled inspiration for centerpieces from pinterest and our own website, including our sister store, Party Time Rentals! In case you weren’t aware, we can happily source any of the rentals shown on Party Time’s website for your event here in Austin if there’s something they carry in their inventory that we do not! 

    Our Creative Director reviewed our centerpiece inspiration and created a few custom arrangements and re-made a few others from extra materials we had laying around from previous arrangements. We’re all about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle here! A few of our centerpieces ended up with a little more spring in their step, than autumn leaves and pumpkins please, but we love how each arrangement really suits the individual table and showcases a range of how our rentals can be used throughout the seasons!

    There are truly no rules anymore about color palettes sticking to certain seasons, or which tabletop items you must set your guest tables with. Your design should be a reflection of you and your style, but if traditional place settings are your thing, we can certainly help with that as well!

    We completed our table designs with a fake (but delicious) dinner menu created in Canva, mimicking the ombre progression of the tables, as well as a price sheet reflecting each table’s rental selections to assist our customers in making the right decisions for both their style and budget.

    We chose to pair our two cocktail tables with neutral linens to complement the progression, and a warm beige/buttery yellow linen for our faux buffet table, complete with plates stacked at the buffet, all food items to be served set behind a plexiglass divider, as you would normally see for a buffet set up during these COVID times we’re living in.

    We have many other rental items such as hand sanitizer dispensers, rope and stanchions, easels, and more to assist with celebrating safely during the pandemic, and are happy to work with you to help create a socially distanced layout for your venue. 

    We hope to work with you soon to help share in the joy of planning your next event, no matter what or when that feels right for you. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you!

  • Ode to the Versatile Tent

    Impressive and Inspiring or Fun and Functional , the versatile tent – like tables, chairs and linens – is an adaptable event staple; now, in the COVID event environment, even more so. Tenting answers the question, in the context of fall, 2020 and perhaps spring, 2021 weddings (if social distancing and venue capacity restrictions are still in effect), “What can I do if my venue’s indoor area isn’t sufficient to provide proper social distancing for the number of guests I’ve been planning for?”. A right sized tent, or multiple smaller tents, opens up your options by creatively and attractively incorporating the great outdoors into your wedding plans.


    A partially conditioned tent is a particularly welcome event addition when protection from the elements, be they sun and heat in the early fall or light rain and a chill in the air early next spring, is in order. And with Premiere’s standard tent décor packages and custom tent décor selections, your partially tented indoor-outdoor event can be as elegant or as casual as you like.


    When the climate is right, Premiere can help create a cozy and comfortable or sophisticated and stylish ceremony setting. Or, by rethinking the entertainment, bar service, lounge area and, if you need it, establishing a “safe zone” for elderly and other at-risk guests, all the indoor venue space can be reserved for properly socially distanced reception seating. Premiere can help by offering digitally created spacing alternatives that maximize the entire available venue area, indoors and outdoors, with tenting and other solutions. From umbrella tables to misting fans, elegant lighting to warmth in fall and early winter, Premiere’s tenting and other outdoor options helps safely expand your venue’s capacity.


    Of course, tenting solutions aren’t just for weddings. Whether or not we have “real” sports this fall, televised games, with or without fans in the stands, are best enjoyed in the company of family and friends. A tented tail gate adds an element of “game day” authenticity, while helping provide ample guest spacing and enhancing event safety. From satelite connections to big screen televisions, catering (provided by a preferred Premiere catering professional), lawn games and more, we’ve got the good stuff that entertains your guests and makes you the game day hero.

    When you’re ready to move in the tenting direction, we’re here to help. We’ll gladly meet with you, by appointment, in a Premiere showroom, or meet with you virtually via Zoom. If you’d like for our tenting experts to walk the event space with you, we’re happy to do that too. Your Event Rental Consultant will explain terms and conditions of service for on-site work. We look forward to helping you meet your fall, 2020 and spring, 2021 wedding and event rental needs. Supporting safe, responsible celebrations is our goal. Knowledge and proper preparation are the keys. Let’s get the process underway – call, text or email today!

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