Premiere’s QR Code

Below is the QR (Quick Response) code for Premiere.

Use this code to access any and all of Premiere’s info on the go! This code opens up a list of our websites and where we can be found on the net, including our website, Facebook, Twitter, Wedding Wire, The Knot listing, as well as YouTube pages.

How do you use this? Anyone with an iPhone or Android can download the FREE app, called “Scan” by QR Code City, LLC. Then all you do when you see a QR code such as ours above, is open the app, and center the code in the screen like you would if you were to take a photo. That’s it! The scanner will automatically open the website that hosts our links, and you will be able to choose between the different links as to which site you want to open.

If you want step-by-step instructions on how to do this, see our tutorial video here.

Keep in mind that QR codes are becoming increasingly more popular! Be on the lookout for them in upcoming print ads and media!

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