New Changes at Premiere and Our Committment to You!

One of my best experiences at the recent NACE Conference was
the opening session presented by Jeff Henderson, noted Chef and author of Cooked, My Journey from the Streets to the Stove (Harper
Collins Publishers, 2007). A little about Jeff, quoted from the book’s face
page. “He made history as the first African-American to be named chef de
cuisine at Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, and was the executive chef at
Cafe’ Bellagio. Chef Jeff frequently speaks to groups of at-risk teenagers, urging
them to avoid the mistakes he once made”. He  is also featured on the Food Network with his
Culinary Life School and Boot Camp, “The Chef Jeff Project”.

Chef Jeff’s message described the road to personal change. He
described the importance of building character and becoming a person of
integrity. Henderson poignantly described his own journey from convicted felon
(imprisoned for cocaine possession and distribution) to culinary star and noted
media personality.

His own first step on the road away from his felonious past
to the bold new future (envisioned as a prison chef during his incarceration)
was to “build a personal brand”. Henderson described how he leaned to walk,
talk, act and look like he belonged among the best culinary talent in the
Nation. For him, the journey to a personal brand involved both physical and
attitudinal change. Images from his presentation showed both the “dealer”
persona and the polished, professional Chef Jeff was to become . . . a
remarkable and inspiring transition !

At Premiere, we’re undergoing an exciting brand transition. The
Premiere brand has always been characterized by excellent and responsive
customer service and a helpful, generous spirit. We’ve always offered an
impressive variety of products and helped introduce and support new trends in
event décor and design. We’ve supported other industry professionals and
individual event holders by purchasing or acquiring the product needed to
satisfy their rental needs and wishes.

So what’s Premiere’s “New Look” and “Period of Transition”
all about ? It’s about stepping up our game; taking our brand to a higher
level; creating a new and more informative website; adding to our linen
offerings; preparing new linen swatch collections; introducing new and improved
North and South showrooms and focusing on the internal and operational details
that will ensure we provide rental ready product all of the time. It’s about an
“updated, more sophisticated” image that has inspired our staff and energized
our operation. It’s about a renewed commitment to consistency and quality in
products, staff and services !

We’ve been making these changes throughout this summer and
despite the triple digit heat, have revamped or replaced much of our inventory.
If you haven’t visited our North or South location within the past month or
two, I think you’ll be pleased when you do. We’ll continue to tweak, refine,
retrain and renew, and welcome your suggestions or your feedback.

More to come on the balance of Chef Jeff Henderson’s NACE
Experience Message and on the exciting changes happening at Premiere.

Delores Crum, CERP
Premiere Party Central

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