Cooked: 2nd Installment

Here’s the second installment of our blog discussion surrounding Cooked, My Journey From the Streets to the Stove, by Jeff Henderson. We’re talking about the 5 ways to maximize your potential and position yourself (or your company or organization) for success. The principle we discussed last week was Building Your Brand, and we described how Premiere’s brand has changed and evolved over time, and what the foreseeable future holds for Premiere.

Chef Jeff made four other key points in his NACE Experience opening address. The first was BE EXTRAORDINARY . . . and that’s how I had him inscribe my copy of Cooked ! Other adjectives that suggest extraordinary include astonishing, surprising, amazing, special, exceptional, remarkable, great and wonderful. These are the attributes that set us apart, individually, from the crowd and as a company or organization, from the “herd”.

Extraordinary performance is outside of the norm . . . over and above . . . beyond expectations. Extraordinary performance, in life and in work, requires exceptional effort, special care and concern, remarkable service. These are the qualities and characteristics, individually and collectively, that we strive to demonstrate at Premiere. We’ve built Premiere on these traits, and will continue to demonstrate extraordinary performance as we continue to grow and prosper. We thank all of our extraordinary customers for their amazing support and wonderful relationships.

Delores Crum, CERP
President, Premiere Party Central

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