Cooked: 3rd Installment

This is the 3rd installment in our exploration of Chef Jeff Henderson’s NACE Experience address in Reno. We’ve already talked about Henderson’s first two steps on the road to becoming the person (or business) you want to be. The first step was “Build Your Brand” and the second was “Be Extraordinary”. The third step, and the one discussed in this post, is “Attend to the Detail”.

Attending to the details comes naturally to me. As the quintessential Virgo, I’m naturally detail oriented . . . so much so that I don’t always see the forest for the trees. Fortunately, I’m partnered with a wonderful husband (a prototypical Gemini) who always has his eyes on the prize and is a “big picture” kind of guy.

In my view, attention to detail is an important part of doing a job well. While I’m confident that’s true of any role or profession, I’m especially certain it’s true of designing, planning or executing all or any part of an event. Over the years, I’ve heard successful event professionals from all disciplines (catering, photography, planning, light and sound, etc.) talk about no detail being too small . . . no aspect too inconsequential, no facet too meaningless to be overlooked when planning or preparing for a special event. This is especially true when the event involves a milestone for the customer or client . . . you simply won’t get a second change to make things right if you don’t attend to the details in the first place.

At Premiere, we’re dedicated to the details. We recognize that “it” needs to be right the first time and every time. We have systems, policies and procedures in place (that are well-known to every Premiere staff member) for accurately completing the paperwork and properly filling the rental orders placed by our customers. We’re careful and conscientious in executing our day-to-day activities. We’re responsible communicators, and ask for our clients and customers help in reviewing every order to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. We also ask for your feedback when there are problems or issues . . . so that we can take immediate and effective corrective action.

Remember, even though “the devils in the details”, at Premiere, your details are handled with “angelic attention” ! Thanks for reading.

Delores Crum, CERP
President, Premiere Party Central

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