Strengths and Weaknesses

Know Your Strengths – – – that’s another key that Chef
Jeff Henderson, author of “Cooked”, suggests is essential to becoming the
person, or organization, that you want and dream to be. And the second part of
the “know your strengths” equation . . . knowing
your weaknesses
, is arguably as important.

Most of us seem to enjoy doing what we’re good (strengths) at.
We avoid completing tasks or activities we’re not as comfortable doing or as
skilled per-forming (weaknesses). Writing, for example, is something I really
enjoy. Am I “good” at it because I enjoy it or do I enjoy it because I’m a
relatively skilled writer? I’m not talking about composing fiction or penning a
novel. But when it comes to business communication, I think I’m fairly adept.

I leverage that strength in our business. I’m primarily
responsible for “the written word” at Premiere, and am currently updating the
Premiere Management Handbook. I compose our formal contracts, document our
informal agreements . . . and send out countless emails each and every day.

I’m not as good at adopting the latest technologies or
effectively utilizing the newest electronic tools. I remember, before I had
one, wondering what all the I-Phone fuss was about. Then I got one, and learned
to use it as an effective and convenient communications and management tool. Now
I love it . . . and feel lost without it !

I rely heavily on Premiere’s technical experts for
technological support and assistance. And that’s what success as an
organization or a company is all about. We’re all good at something but none of
us is good at everything. We succeed, individually and collectively, by surrounding
ourselves with people who can compensate for weaknesses. If we’re fortunate, we
put ourselves in situations where we can use our strengths to excel. At
Premiere, we strive to discover every team member’s talents and utilize them to
the fullest ! Knowing our strengths . . . and our weaknesses has helped us
become the company we want to be and will continue to help us achieve our

Delores Crum, CERP
President, Premiere Party Central

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