Appreciation: Part One

We’re fortunate to receive many thank you notes from
satisfied customers. It’s always gratifying to know that your work is
appreciated and that folks with whom you do business care enough to take the
time and tell you so. This week our VP of Operations (that’s Rick . . . the
staff member who handles all the delivery staff and manages our tent division
as well) received a note from a distinguished member of the Event Planning
Community. Her note says, in part, “your experience is invaluable to me ! I
truly appreciate all you do to help me with my events. It’s the Personal
Attention that makes me so loyal to PPC (Premiere Party Central).”

What a welcome sentiment. This is, after all, a relationship
business. Positive Relationships, personal and professional, are based on
mutual trust and respect. They’re built through cumulative positive experience
and strengthened through consistent performance. Caring and consideration,
demonstrated over time and in a variety of circumstances, generate a powerful,
positive emotional response.  We
gravitate toward the people, and the companies we can rely on. If, and when we
can, we avoid those who are unreliable, inconsistent and inconsiderate.

Premiere has been talking about a lot appreciation lately . .
. and about expressing appreciation when warranted. So I think I’ll take a few
posts to do just that . . . express my appreciation to key members of the
Premiere team whom I have grown to trust, respect and appreciate. You might
enjoy following this series and learning a little more about the people who
make Premiere special.

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