SATC Fashion Week Party!

What a busy week ! Fashion Week fun has kept us well occupied. Special thanks to everyone who braved the heat and made it out to Premiere’s Sex and the City Party Wednesday evening. Ladies, you all looked fabulous ! And to Ken, Premiere’s Creative Director, thanks for the fun concept and stellar execution. Pink Avocado did a GREAT job on the evening’s tasty treats and John-John, the perennial Premiere favorite, bless you for your caring and supportive service. Without Danny and his partner, Tom, we couldn’t have enjoyed the W’s residential pool . . . great view of the City and interesting “eye candy”. Thank you for helping arrange the perfect venue for Sex and the City.
The evening’s enjoyment continued at the Driskill, where Premiere welcomed our Sex and the City guests to the Austin Room hospitality suite. Kudos to Scott E. and all the Driskill banquet staff, who helped give those who stopped by on Wednesday and the rest of the week something to enjoy and lots to talk about. Fortunately, or not, I had to head for home before the highlight of Wednesday evening’s fashion show got underway . . . but I heard enough to know what I missed !
Thanks again to Premiere’s staff, Danny and Tom, Brenton, John-John and Esmerelda (more about the Tarot Cards next week) for such an enjoyable evening !

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