Website Updates and Announcements!

We’re almost there . . . seriously. On Wednesday evening, Premiere held a launch party to demo the new and improved Premiere web site. It’s gorgeous! Light, bright, pretty, inspiring, informative and fun. Below is a *sample* of what you can come to expect:

The site virtually displays our entire inventory (at least as it was in mid-August), including Premiere’s impressive linen collection. Thanks to Royal Fig Catering ( for the delightful meal, and for previewing their new Small Plates menu for Premiere’s staff and our enchanted guests. Thanks also to the Cup Cake Bar for the delectable dessert ( For all of you who joined us, thanks for coming. And for those of you couldn’t, no worries . . . we’ll be sending out a notice when the new site goes live, hopefully early in the coming week. Special thanks to the Premiere North staff, who did such an amazing job with the showroom preparations, and to John-John, as usual, for keeping everyone “happy” throughout the evening. Part of that happy glow was the result of “The Waiter”, a signature drink created for the evening (by Carrie Montoya, Event and Tent Rental Specialist) and enjoyed by many of those who attended. Ingredients included Sloe Gin, Midori, Dripping Springs Vodka and pineapple juice – – – yummy ! Our newest Team Member, Emily Knapp, had just arrived in Austin,
but was able to be a part of the evening’s festivities as well. Look for next week’s press release featuring Emily’s story. We’ll also be posting pix next week of the Website Launch, so look for those as well.

Today, we’re getting ready for our Monday Management and Event Professional staff training session. Our showrooms will be closed on Monday, but our warehouses are open and our delivery staff will be making deliveries and picking up weekend rentals. I’ve made revisions to our Management and Operating Handbook that strengthen our quality control procedures and enhance our overall performance. We’ll be talking about some of those changes on Monday in an interactive, fast-paced session that should be both enjoyable and educational. I love writing and teaching, so perhaps I missed my “true calling”. But doing those things in the context of the special events industry is particularly gratifying, so perhaps it’s a good match after all.

One more thing, then I’m done for today. The Texas Star is hosting the Wedding Industry Olympic games, sponsored by Amy Mader of NEAWP (Nuptial Essentials Association of Wedding Professionals) fame. The games start at 11:00 Wednesday, and for this month, the games take the place of the regular NEAWP meeting. If you’re in the industry and have never attended this competition, it’s truly an experience. For details or more information, or to be part of team and take part in the games, you can contact Premiere at (512) 292-3900 or get visit the NEAWP web site at

Thanks for reading !

Delores Crum, CERP
Premiere Party Central

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