Busy Season

It’s been another big week at Premiere. We’re preparing for Sunday’s Bridal Extravaganza and assisting other vendors with tables, chairs, linens and more for their presentations as well. We’ll be promoting our Chair Sale at this event, and providing details that will appear in this space on Monday.
Next week also marks the “official” start of Fall Open House season. Premiere is supporting The Winfield Inn (www.thewinfieldinn.com), Texas Old Town (www.texasoldtown.com), The Terrace Club (www.theterraceclub.com) and Creekside (www.austincreekside.com) Open House events in the coming days. More information on Open Houses scheduled in and around the Kyle / Buda area, as well as in other parts of the City, can always be found at http://www.austinweddings.com (The Austin Wedding Day web site). In addition to visiting our showroom, you can see Premiere’s staff, and our rental products, at these and other great venues throughout Austin !
Just a word to those of you with events scheduled in October and November. If you haven’t placed a rental order with Premiere yet, You Should ! Today if you can ! ! Demand peaks in these months, and to be sure your first choices are available, come into one of our showrooms ASAP. Make your selections and place an order. Remember, you can never be too early, you can only be too late . . . and there’s nothing to risk by placing your order early (you can make any change in your rental order, including cancellation without penalty, up to 5 working days before delivery or 3 working days before customer pick up) and everything to gain (peace of mind being most important !). We’ll be here to help throughout the busy season, but you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by taking care of your Fall and Holiday rental needs sooner, rather than later.
Thanks for reading, and see you at the show on Sunday.

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