Premiere is on Pinterest!

For those of you who have no already jumped on the  bandwagon, let me first say this: IT IS AWESOME! Not only can it connect you via social media with almost every other bride there is out there, but it can also help you as a vendor (caterer, wedding or event planner, venue…etc) connect with your potential clients, while at the same time help you promote your business!

Above is a screenshot of our Pinterest account. It is a virtual inspiration-board-maker, that allows you to upload your own pics, link to your business, and share ideas with those around you. And above all that, it connects right to your Facebook profile, so all of your friends can follow you with one simple click!

Check us out on our Pinterest page by clicking on our photo above, or by following the link here.

As always, thank you for your continued love and support! We are continuously looking forward to sharing the best and newest there is out there to YOU, our friends and followers, first!

Happy Pinning!


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