Etiquette Training

This past Thursday August 9th, Premiere Party Central had the opportunity to meet together and present a session entitled “Etiquette 101” for the Premiere Sales Team. Each Event Consultant presented on a specific topic, chosen from the list below:

1. Telephone Etiquette
2. Business Card Do’s/Don’t’s
3. Networking & Social Etiquette
4. Dining Etiquette
5. Proper Business and Customer Service Etiquette
6. Email Etiquette
7. Formal Place Settings
8. First Impressions & Body Language

We bound together and reviewed our manners to ensure that we all know proper etiquette – a must for anyone in the events industry! 

One key thing to remember about the difference between etiquette and manners? Manners are kindness. On the other hand, etiquette is code of behavior.

Etiquette is also a form of guidelines. Etiquette can change, and can adjust for itself over time based on culture and what is socially and culturally acceptable.

Overall, we had a great time, brushed up on our customer service skills, and learned a thing or two about etiquette. Thanks to Emily & Shariah for planning the training session, and to the AWESOME staff at Austin Marriott South for their superior service and amazing lunch!

As we gear up for Fashion Week, we hope to see you at one of the many events! We will be there!

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