Premiere Settings

Our first ever design competition, “Premiere Settings” was a huge success! We would like to thank each and every vendor, designer, and attendee who came out to be a part of such a fantastic afternoon. Josh Baker of Azul Ox Photography captured some amazing images of the designers’ work, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Thanks Josh! And thank you Katherine McCommon and your team with Intelligent Lighting Design for all the contributions you made to making the designs POP and come to life!

Below you will find some of the designs entered into this year’s competition, with the focus being on the theme, Chocolat:

Ken Sharples, designing for Premiere Party Central:



Design by Leave the Details to Me:

PremiereBlog-85 PremiereBlog-421 PremiereBlog-653 PremiereBlog-240 PremiereBlog-93 PremiereBlog-83 PremiereBlog-89 PremiereBlog-423

Design by DNA Events:

PremiereBlog-471 PremiereBlog-468 PremiereBlog-478 PremiereBlog-481 PremiereBlog-482

Design by Brass Tacks Events and Floral Renaissance:

PremiereBlog-169 PremiereBlog-174 PremiereBlog-175 PremiereBlog-484 PremiereBlog-485 PremiereBlog-488 PremiereBlog-499

Design by Wendy Prindle with Life Styled Events:

PremiereBlog-59 PremiereBlog-77 PremiereBlog-221 PremiereBlog-222 PremiereBlog-513 PremiereBlog-529

Kristi Hargis DePew and Sara Mulder, designing for Lovely {A Style Blog} and Bella By Sara, with Dragonfly Designs Invitations:

PremiereBlog-67 PremiereBlog-72 PremiereBlog-189 PremiereBlog-190 PremiereBlog-193 PremiereBlog-194 PremiereBlog-196 PremiereBlog-200 PremiereBlog-201 PremiereBlog-566 PremiereBlog-575 PremiereBlog-580 PremiereBlog-590

Design by Platinum Weddings and Events, David Kurio Designs, and Miss Janette’s Cakes:

PremiereBlog-203 PremiereBlog-205 PremiereBlog-206 PremiereBlog-211 PremiereBlog-622 PremiereBlog-632 PremiereBlog-643 PremiereBlog-644 PremiereBlog-646

Becky Levin Navarro, designing for Pearl Events, with Flora Fetish:

PremiereBlog-86 PremiereBlog-87 PremiereBlog-440 PremiereBlog-443 PremiereBlog-446

Design by The Fairy Godmothers, STEMS Floral, and Delysia Chocolatier:

PremiereBlog-106 PremiereBlog-109 PremiereBlog-113 PremiereBlog-115


Design by The Flower Studio (2nd Place):

PremiereBlog-129 PremiereBlog-130 PremiereBlog-132 PremiereBlog-144

Design by The Wedding Warriors:

PremiereBlog-98 PremiereBlog-102 PremiereBlog-103 PremiereBlog-549 PremiereBlog-556 PremiereBlog-562

Design by WOW Factor Floral:

PremiereBlog-156 PremiereBlog-157 PremiereBlog-430 PremiereBlog-432 PremiereBlog-545

And the WINNERS, Design by Yellow Umbrella Events, The Flower Studio, and Simon Lee Bakery:

PremiereBlog-74 PremiereBlog-593 PremiereBlog-594 PremiereBlog-596 PremiereBlog-600 PremiereBlog-607 PremiereBlog-614 PremiereBlog-691

It was a FANTASTIC event! We are SO looking forward to next year!

2 responses to “Premiere Settings”

  1. Our Intelligent Lighting Design team loved sponsoring the event! The goal of our continued affiliation with Premiere is to support the event design community in making imagined concepts come to life! Thank you to Delores, Ken, and the rest of the PPC team for bringing us on board. We hope everyone enjoyed our exclusive reveal of the iDesign LED tile dance floor now available for rental at PPC North and South.

    Cheers! – Katherine McCommon and Brian Dawson


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