One Wed iPad App

OneWed, one of the nations leading online sources for everything wedding, has released a fun, interactive iPad app! Premiere Party Central and Premiere Tents and Events are proud members of the OneWed Community (you can find our listing here), and we were thrilled when we found out we could take them with us on-the-go.


The app features innovative ideas, products, and designs and each are given its their own page and links to local retailers to see if what you are looking for is in stock or not. The app functions similar to Pinterest, in that the information is largely photo-based, which, as we all know brides are flocking to in record numbers. We love that!

Psst! Also, there is a review for the app on where one of Premiere’s photos is featured in the description! How awesome is that! (It’s the white and yellow pic in the lower right corner!).



Original photo by She-N-He Photography:


Download this completely FREE app here:


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