Why an event rental professional could be your best friend – A Guest Post by Diane Lyerly

The idea from this blog came from an email interchange with another Premiere event consultant.  Alison Herschap said “Teamwork is Dreamwork” and that set my mind to how rental professionals really do want to team with their event holders, whether they are other professionals such as planners, caterers, etc. or individual event holders planning a wedding, shower or any type of special occasion.

  So what’s in it for the event holder?  As it turns out, a good working relationship with an event rental professional can be one of the best relationships you can make.  Here’s why.

  First of all, rental professionals deal with all aspects of the event industry.  We rent to caterers, florists, photographers, venue owners, videographers, bakers & other professionals in the event world.  We know the reliable ones.  We know their style, their price range & quite often their personalities.  When we recommend a vendor, it is someone who is tried & true.  It is someone who is well respected in the industry as a whole.

When you work as a team with a Premiere event consultant, we share our knowledge of upcoming product discounts & of new items that we have just added to our inventory.  (For instance, we have just added some glitzy sequined runners & some lush “Downton Abbey” style runners in several colors.)

  For the most part we have a plethora of information about each of the thousands of products in our inventory.  If there is a question we don’t know, we find the answer & get back to you on that.  We can offer suggestions on items that might work for your particular event & we can also steer you away from items that aren’t as well suited for your event needs.

  Because we have so many collective years of experience in creating special events, we can recommend products to create your special look.  We have a wealth of decorative ideas & can recommend products from our inventory, from local sources or from online providers.  When you visit one of our showrooms, you’ll be inspired by the table tops we have on display and delighted by your many choices.

And last, but not least, if a mistake is made, on our part or on yours, we will do our very best to take care of it, even if it is the very last minute.  We have helped save many an event where there was no linen for the cake table or no flutes for the champagne toast.

So you see, teamwork really is dreamwork.  We are happy to work with you to make sure your special event really is SPECIAL!


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