Lauren and Steve by Pearl Events

Lauren and Steve had a gorgeous wedding out at Austin wedding venue, Lakeway Resort and Spa. Pearl Events orchestrated the entire event, and Lisa Hause Photography captured the beautiful affair perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing this day with us here at Premiere Events, as always, it was an HONOR!

10557323_741027522603087_3435037553624944956_n  10502075_741027409269765_813959003816988043_n 10484278_741027545936418_1117441943193677089_n10556290_741028119269694_1133945800461952738_n

10527829_741028052603034_2807837330032874901_n  10393719_741028069269699_1114254058480589656_n 10537705_741027515936421_7340521079819927734_n


10462642_741027669269739_4850348972879738617_n 10494605_741027779269728_7722055003772721727_n 10351610_741027749269731_9108808987151197552_n 10336644_741027902603049_5944516128096673099_n 10501962_741027989269707_2344977511334575568_n

  10500460_741027975936375_2241307632932024361_n  10530777_741028182603021_4516027448144094527_n 10402698_741028189269687_1298790595286506825_n 10513380_741028285936344_4113439164733053926_n 10524362_741028349269671_6288949846902421670_n 10521655_741028339269672_2399390716898775180_n 10553589_741028415936331_8649544055952904725_n


Lake Travis United Methodist Church | Lakeway Resort and Spa | Premiere Events | Gypsy Floral and Events | Michelle’s Patisserie | Lisa Hause Photography | Shattered Glass Productions | A List DJ & Pro Audio | D&H Stage Lighting | R&R Limousine Service, LLC

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