Wedding Market Expo

Three of our Event Consultants attended the 2014 Texas Regional Wedding Market Expo held at the Austin Norris Conference Center on July 22nd and 23rd.

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The Wedding Market Expo, or WME, is designed for Events Industry Professionals. This annual event is an excellent opportunity for the events community to network, learn, and to showcase their businesses through a vendor “Expo”. Each day consisted of guest speakers, panel discussions, and group activities related to the events industry. The convention offered wonderful educational resources, tips, and ideas that could be applied to all aspects of the events industry. There were presentations on implementing sales techniques, curating talent, revising contracts, and utilizing effective marketing.

Attendees were also encouraged to mingle and exchange business cards with one another in the exhibit area. Companies displayed their various products and services, and in case you missed our Expo booth, here’s a picture showcasing our new draping, fabulous linens, sequined and rosette runners, wood and glass chargers, and stemless glassware.

photo 2

Premiere Events also supplied a few vendors with rentals for their own exhibit booths. The Wedding Industry Rescue booth featured our white Contempo Bar and sleek Contempo Barstools. NEAWP’s booth was complimented by one of our tufted lounge seats.

photo 3

On day one of the event, NEAWP’s booth was sweetened by one of our all-time-favorite bakeries, Simon Lee, and one day, visitors to the NEAWP exhibit were treated to refreshing flavors of Pinkberry’s frophoto 5zen yogurt.

Some advice our event consultants gleaned from the convention: be creative when problem solving; continuously develop skills and always maintain integrity.

Premiere Events Team Members Alison Herschap and Krista Schnur visit the NEAWP exhibit. Abigail Turner was also in attendance.
Premiere Events Team Members Alison Herschap and Krista Schnur visit the NEAWP exhibit. Abigail Turner was also in attendance.

Top 5 things we learned from WME:

  1. On your business website – make sure you’re speaking CLEARLY to your IDEAL client!
    Cheryl and Shea Bailey, from Wedding Industry Rescue
  1. Ask your client to explain WHY something is important to them…remember: WHY = BUY!
    Charles Oster, executive from
  1. Collaboration trumps intelligence. Hire and network with people who are team oriented.
    Brian Beitler, former CMO of David’s Bridal
  1. Wedding professionals’ contracts require some extra verbiage and should include such provisions regarding approving expenses in advance, consequences for lack of communication, a clear cancellation policy, and excusable delay provisions. Protect your business!
    Amy Mader, from Platinum Weddings & Events
  1. Your brand is more important than any particular piece of advertising: your brand is WHO YOU ARE, so organize and develop it accordingly!
    Morris Goen, owner of Goen South

Hope to see you at next year’s Wedding Market Expo! We’ll be there.

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