Premiere POWER Network Launch Party

Earlier this year, Premiere Events launched the Premiere Organization for Wedding and Event Resources  – also known as the POWER Network. The POWER Network was designed for event industry professionals who frequently use Premiere Events for their rental needs. The POWER Network is a way for Premiere to give back.  If you’re in the event industry and interested in joining, an application can be found here. There’s no cost to join, and you can join at anytime. If you’re not in the event industry, don’t fret. We have something for everyone! The Premiere Events Society launched earlier this year as well. Joining the Society will give you access to our monthly rental specials and the latest in Premiere news.

When introducing anything new, a launch party is a must. The POWER Network launch party took place in February at the Hyatt Regency. Our new metallic linens made their debut and our popular black sequin linens made an appearance too. To sum it up, it was a wonderful evening spent with fellow event industry friends. A huge thanks to Bert McLendon for the photos!

Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-1-2 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-1-3 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-7 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-19 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-21 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-22 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-24 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-26 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-32 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-34 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-35 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-36 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-37 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-40 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-45 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-50 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-53 Austin-Event-Photographer-McLendon-Photography-61

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