ISES Day of Education at the Blanton Museum

Premiere Events is a proud sponsor of the second annual International Special Events Society (ISES) Austin Day of Education! This year’s event is open to anyone (ISES members and non-members), and will take place on August 10th at the Blanton Museum.

Topics of the day will include:

Amy Simmons, Founder & President of Amy’s Ice Creams: will be speaking on culture, mission statement, guiding principles and follow up with how you can impact culture with the Great Game of Business.

Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess: Why Failure Is Your Very Best Friend In Business
Somewhere along the line, a good friend of mine, Simon T. Bailey, made the statement that “failure isn’t final” and I’m convinced he had me in mind when he said it. I’m actually kind of obsessed with failure. Why? Because it’s a subject I’ve had plenty of experience with during my 20+ years as an entrepreneur and it can crush the heartiest of souls. I wish I knew when I started how integral to the process failure truly is. In fact, if you’re not failing fairly regularly, you’re definitely not hitting the outer limits of your potential, guaranteed.

Nikki Nuckols, Doodle Dog Advertising: SEO & Marketing
• Roadmap to a successful website
• Developing a brand strategy / finding your brand personality
• Branding your business
• How to increase traffic to your website
• Intro to analyzing your traffic

Kevin White, XPL: Staying ahead of the field in innovation
Why do some companies seem to be constantly setting the trends, while others are following? What are Google, Disney, and 3M doing internally to foster a culture of innovation and ideation, and how can you adopt those principles to your team?

Cindy Lo, Red Velvet Events: Industry Know-hows – It’s easy to fall in love with being a part of the events industry but how do you know when you need to hire your first employee; change business directions or heaven forbid close up shop? Hear first hand from Cindy 10 things she wished she had known before entering the events industry.

Also present will be representatives from three local media outlets for our PR panel: Michael Barnes from the Austin; Chris Sadeghi from Austin’s KXAN, and Shawn Lively from Texas Lifestyle Magazine

A link to register can be found here.

Your registration fee will include both breakfast and lunch as well as parking!! Half day options are also available.

Hope to see you there!

ISES Day of Education

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