Premiere Events Featured on Special Events!

Our thoughts on what’s trending in tabletop design were featured in a Special Events‘ article! Here’s what our Delores Crum, CERP had to say:

“Delores Crum, president of Austin, Texas-based Premiere Events, likes farm tables for their economic elegance. ‘Farm tables can easily be used without a traditional table linen,’ she says, switching them out for runners in natural fibers, vintage lace, sequins, patterns, faux leather—whatever the client’s taste or design theme dictates. Additionally, farm tables blend well with other table and chair styles. ‘A mix of table styles, including some traditional clothed rounds, mixed with farm or acrylic tables, have been very popular in Austin,’ she says.”

We have multiple farm table styles for you to chose from, and we’ve even added a new one to the mix – the Venetian!

Venetian farm table

And for a refresher, I have our other farm table options listed below. More details can be found on our website and a few of these can be seen in our showrooms.

Harvest Table, 8′ X 43″. Photo by Jerry Hayes.

harvest table

Madeline Vineyard Table, 8′ X 40″. Photo by Lisa Hause

madeline table and chairs

Sourav Table, 82″ X 38″. Photo by the Nichols.

sourav table




















For more Event Industry Professionals’ thoughts on tabletop trends, click here!

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