Premiere Events’ 15th Anniversary Cocktail Party

We’re so excited to share these images of our 15th Anniversary Cocktail Party with you! Thank you to all who came out to the Omni Barton Creek to help us celebrate, and thank you to Lisa Hause for perfectly capturing our birthday celebration!

151118lhg_002 151118lhg_003 151118lhg_012 151118lhg_013 151118lhg_022 151118lhg_023 151118lhg_031 151118lhg_033 151118lhg_036 151118lhg_043 151118lhg_044 151118lhg_046 151118lhg_047 151118lhg_050 151118lhg_051 151118lhg_054 151118lhg_055 151118lhg_056 151118lhg_057 151118lhg_058 151118lhg_059 151118lhg_061 151118lhg_065 151118lhg_066 151118lhg_071 151118lhg_072 151118lhg_073 151118lhg_074 151118lhg_081 151118lhg_082 151118lhg_083 151118lhg_084 151118lhg_085 151118lhg_091 151118lhg_092 151118lhg_094 151118lhg_099 151118lhg_103 151118lhg_105 151118lhg_106





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