Premiere Settings Sneak Peek and 15th Anniversary Luncheon

This Thanksgiving we are especially grateful for you guys. We celebrated our 15th anniversary this November, and we wouldn’t have made it to this point if it wasn’t for you!

In celebration of our 15 years, we also held our second Premiere Settings Design Competition. Participants were to design a table incorporating our Wine and Roses theme.

Our lead designers were: Lindsey Hollingsworth of Brass Tacks Events, Gina Whittington of The Whitt Experience, Coby Neal of The Flower Studio, Michele Fannin of Modish, Kristi Depew and Lauren Chumbley of Eclipse Events Co., Fabian Salcedo of F2 Floral Design, Ashley Bunch of A Bunch of Weddings, Becky Navarro of Pearl Events, Katie Netherton and Jessica Dickman of CLINK, Valerie Miller Events, and Kathryn Albarado of Dagar’s Catering.

The designs will be featured in the 2016 Austin Wedding Style Magazine on stands in January, but we can tell you (and as you’ll see in photos below) the 2015 winners.

Best Expression of Theme: Coby Neal and the Flower Studio

Best Collaboration: Pearl Events and teammates Bouquets of Austin, Full Spectrum Ice, and The Inviting Pear

Best Overall Design: CLINK 

Again, thank you to all who have celebrated with us during our 15 years and to our 2015 Premiere Settings Designers. Be on the lookout for the competition designs in the 2016 Austin Wedding Style Magazine!

151118lhg_107 151118lhg_108 151118lhg_109 151118lhg_110 151118lhg_112 151118lhg_113 151118lhg_114 151118lhg_115 151118lhg_133 151118lhg_135 151118lhg_137 151118lhg_138 151118lhg_139 151118lhg_140 151118lhg_142 151118lhg_144 151118lhg_145 151118lhg_146 151118lhg_148 151118lhg_149 151118lhg_150 151118lhg_151 151118lhg_152 151118lhg_154 151118lhg_155 151118lhg_160 151118lhg_163 151118lhg_165 151118lhg_166 151118lhg_167 151118lhg_168 151118lhg_169 151118lhg_170 151118lhg_171 151118lhg_174 151118lhg_176 151118lhg_177 151118lhg_185 151118lhg_187 151118lhg_190 - Copy 151118lhg_194 - Copy 151118lhg_196 - Copy 151118lhg_199 - Copy 151118lhg_200 - Copy 151118lhg_201 - Copy 151118lhg_207 151118lhg_208 151118lhg_211


151118lhg_213 151118lhg_215 151118lhg_218 151118lhg_223

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