Take a Pic, You’re Engaged!

Engagement season is almost upon us and that means engagement pictures. If you are recently engaged and looking for places to take engagement pictures in Austin, we’ve got a list for you!

Mount Bonnell
  • Mount Bonnell: In true Austin form, Mount Bonnell is a beautiful setting for pictures. If you can time it just right so that you are there for sunset (or sunrise- if you’re an early riser) you will have some breathtaking shots for a lifetime!
360 Bridge Overlook
  • 360 Bridge Overlook: The Pennybacker Bridge (or more well known as the 360 Bridge Overlook) is another good place to take engagement pictures. The walk up here is a little more “treacherous” than the walk up to Mount Bonnell so be prepared with your shoe choice if you pick this spot!
“I Love You So Much” Wall


  • The “I Love You So Much” Wall: Located on South Congress, this is another spot that is popular in Austin for couples to pose in front of. You may have to wait in line to get your picture taken here, and there probably won’t be time to do a full shoot, but it is still worth stopping by!
Zilker Park
  • Zilker Park: Where ACL is held every year! There is a rock formation out in the middle of Zilker that opens up to the Austin Skyline right behind it. It is a beautiful spot for pictures with a beautiful skyline behind you.
Hope Outdoor Gallery
  • Hope Outdoor Gallery: This graffiti park is a unique setting for engagement pictures. There are plenty of images to choose from when posing and every picture is sure to be different.
Texas State Capitol
  • Texas State Capitol Building: The capitol building is a beautiful building- inside and out. This is a perfect place to take pictures if you are looking for something specific to Austin (and Texas!).

On behalf of everyone at Premiere, we’d like to congratulate you on your engagement and wish you the best of luck with your planning!

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