Spooky Wedding Stories, and How You Can Avoid Them

In lieu of Halloween today, we thought we would share some spooky wedding and event stories we’ve heard over the years and shed some light on how to avoid instances like these in your own events! It is almost impossible to plan for EVERY thing, but we promise, your event will end up just wonderfully!

Spooky Story #1

One year in Austin, there was a freak cold front that came through in April. We’re talking freezing weather and sleet, guys. When it comes down to weather, especially in Texas, there’s not a ton you can do to predict what it’s going to be like. In this particular instance, the wedding was able to go off without a hitch! The weather cleared up right before the ceremony, but it was chillier than normal and there were quite a few people freaking out.

Spooky Story #2

A bride ordered all ivory linens and napkins for her wedding, but come the wedding day she ended up with ivory linens and lime green napkins. Whoops! Instead of freaking out about the mix up in the color (as anyone might), she decided to have a little fun with it and keep the pop of color in the wedding.

Spooky Story #3

This bride ordered flowers for her bridal party but come the day of, the florist only had a bouquet for her maid of honor. On site, the florist decided to get a little crafty and took flowers from the pews and made bouquets for the rest of the bridesmaids. The bride walked down the aisle and had absolutely no idea of what happened until after the wedding when someone told her about the mishap.

Spooky Story #4

Champagne fountains. Remember those? They used to be all of the rage, and are making a come back to some Gatsby inspired events. Well,  make sure you have them set up correctly. If not… let’s just say that they can spew out all over the place or even shoot out of the top like a champagne geyser. Unfortunately, there is one couple who learned this the hard way.

Spooky Story #5

The groomsmen of one wedding party were totally “schnockerd” at the end of the evening and decided to play some football with one of the linens from the tables rolled up into a ball. Creative, aren’t they!? Well, one of them took a header and busted his head open on some stone steps. For first aid, they took the makeshift linen football and wrapped his head up in it like a turban until the ambulance arrived. Post event, they proceeded to return the linens (including the blood soaked one) to the rental company. When the linen warehouse was counting the linens in, they saw the blood and thought they were going to find a severed finger or something horrible.

Unfortunately, we cannot plan for all things, believe me, I wish that we could. There are some things that pop up that you wouldn’t normally think about and are completely out of your control. However, regardless of the weather, the hiccups or the broken groomsmen, your day will be perfect because you are marrying your best friend, and that is what matters the most.

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