Tent Tips Tuesday: What You Need to Know

Whether you are thinking about a tent for your event rain or shine, or as a backup plan in case of inclement weather, there are a few things to keep in mind when tenting. We’ve come up with a list of things to consider, but this is by no means all encompassing. Talk with your event rental consultant to answer any and all event specific questions you may have!

  • Stake or Barrel: Staking or barreling the tent has a lot to do with the venue the tent will be placed. Staking the tent into the ground is the preferred method, as it is a bit more secure. However, if there is any kind of under ground irrigation system, or if the tent is going to be placed on cement or asphalt, staking may not be the route to go. If that is the case, the tent must be barreled. The number of barrels needed will depend on the size tent you are ordering. One thing to keep in  mind is if there is access to water near where the tent is being set up, if you are barreling. If there is not, let your rental consultant know that you will need pre-filled water barrels.
  • Labor Intensive: Installing and taking down tents is incredibly labor intensive. You will see crews of 2-8 (depending on the size of the tent and the time frame for install and take down). If your venue requires a late night pick up after the event, you will likely see an increase in the labor or delivery fees. Keep this in mind when booking a venue if that puts you over budget!
  • Clear Top Tents: Clear top tents are beautiful and can help your guests continue to see the venue. Keep in mind, however, that clear top tents act as a greenhouse. In warmer weather, these are really not a good idea and will be incredibly hot underneath of them.
Photo by: Jerry Hayes Photography; Venue: Horseshoe Bay Resort
  • Walls: If you are tenting for inclement weather reasons, a good thing to keep in mind that you may want are the walls. This will help keep the rain or wind out of the tent and make your guests comfortable. If you are wanting to still see the atmosphere around the tent, ask your consultant about clear or windowed walls!
Photo by: Premiere Events Team Member; Venue: Horseshoe Bay Resort
  • Think about the weather: What is the weather doing? Will you be needing heaters or fans/AC? Will it require additional power that the venue does not provide? Is this something that your rental company will provide or coordinate?
  • Tent Lighting: Are you wanting to light the tent as well? If so, were you wanting chandeliers or festoon lights? How many and/or what square footage are you trying to light? Will the event be taking place into the evening? If it is, you will want lighting that will put off plenty of light for your guests to see without straining their eyes.
Photo by: Premiere Team Member; Venue: Villa Del Lago
  • Tent Liners: Tent liners are a good way of giving the ceiling of the tent a softer feel. These are gorgeous in tents and can add a touch of elegance to any event. Keep in mind, however, these can be pricey.
  • Tent Accessories: Tent accessories are a good way to make any tent a little more elegant for your event. You can add on things like spandex barrel covers (if you are barreling your tent), leg drapes to cover each of the tent poles, and french doors!
Photo by: Premiere Team Member

Tents are ALWAYS good to have as a back up plan if your event is mostly or all outdoors. They can be used as rain plans for inclement weather or as extra space for an event that needs the overflow. As we said, this is by no means all encompassing, and there will be questions that crop up for event specific tenting needs, but this is a good starting place if you are feeling lost with tenting.

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