$2500 Surprise Grant

We are happy to announce that the first ever Premiere Events Community Grant is to be awarded tomorrow evening, alongside $25,000 worth of grants from the Austin Food and Wine Alliance. Premiere will be awarding this grant to  a lucky applicant who is either a non-profit organization or an educationally focused program in the Austin community.

The fifth year of this annual grant awards ceremony brought in an amazing 27 applicants, all applying for a portion of the grant money. Eligible applicants include culinary professionals from various sectors who show “culinary innovation and impact on the community.”

Said by our owner, Mrs. Delores Crum, “The Austin culinary community has supported Premiere throughout our 16-year history as an event rental provider. Catering professionals dominate the field of top Premiere customers, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to support the efforts of Austin’s culinary movers, shakers and trailblazers. AFWA combines our two favorite things . . . food and wine . . . and allows us to give back to a segment of the events industry that has been so very good to us. This gift is both an expression of our appreciation and a symbol of our commitment to not-for-profit endeavors and to food-industry related educational programs.”

Stay tuned for more… We will update everyone after we have gifted the award tomorrow evening!

For more information on the Austin Food and Wine Alliance culinary grant program visit: http://austinfoodwinealliance.org/grantapplication/


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