Hip, Hot and Happening for 2017

Chances are, if you’re planning on tying the knot this year, you’re exploring current wedding “fashion” and researching emerging wedding trends. While you want your special day to be stylish and sophisticated, you don’t want a cookie cutter wedding that looks and feels just like everyone else’s. Here are some thoughts about the look and feel of hip, hot and happening 2017 nuptials.

Let’s start with color – the most influential choice you’ll make as you’re planning your day. From the invitation to bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s apparel to the table linens and china to floral (or non-floral) centerpieces – color choice has a profound impact on every aspect of the event. It sets the mood and establishes the tone for every other event aspect. The 2017 Pantone color of the year is “Greenery”, so look for many shades of green on this year’s wedding scene.

Jerry Hayes Photography

Green may well be the perfect wedding color. It represents growth and nature, and is a relaxing color with universal appeal. This year’s bride will discover a variety of unique and interesting ways to incorporate Greenery into the wedding theme. A “plant-able” invitation with imbedded seeds (botanicalpaperworks.com) not only reduces paper waste but sends a message about going green. Selecting an outdoor wedding venue (or an indoor / outdoor venue as a hedge against bad weather) is another way to incorporate Greenery into a trendy wedding. With our early springs and late fall seasons, there’s green grass at almost any time of year in Texas. Being outdoors on a perfect spring or early summer day, saying your vows surrounded by native grasses and towering live oak trees . . . it doesn’t get any “greener” than that!

                                               Jerry Hayes Photo                                          Brio Photography

 Greenery can be incorporated into any wedding style. From vintage and vintage glam to rustic, from elegant to classic – and everything in between, green can be adapted to any wedding décor and design. Nature gives us an abundance of affordable décor options and alternatives well suited to rustic, vintage and even vintage glam designs. Everything from green apples and pears to succulents to ferns to green branches with colored berries or flowers can be used to capitalize on a green theme. Most of the classically affordable flowers (daisies, carnations, etc.) are available in green varieties. For a more elegant classic look, green roses, hydrangeas, orchids, lily of the valley and many other floral selections make a lovely green statement. Bridal bouquets made entirely of mixed greenery are also growing in popularity.


                                          Kat Bevel Photography                          Sophie Epton Photography
                                           John-David Weddings                                        Addison Studios

Green options for creating a beautifully designed reception are readily available to today’s bride. Start with a cocktail period (while you and your wedding party are taking those family photos) featuring a signature green apple martini. Or offer a whisky or wine tasting or flights of local craft beers – served in stunning green glassware. Covering the cocktail tables with fun and fashionable table cloths, then adding lounge seating and sprinkling matching green-toned throw pillows enhances your guest’s pre-reception experience. Rental providers offer linen and furniture options the suit every event style and fit any event budget. Available green-tone linens range from organics to faux silks and satins to sequins and rosettes.

                           Todd White Photography                     Penelope L’amore Photography

Whether you’re planning a casual buffet, offering stations or providing an elegant four-course plated dinner, your guests will spend 60% to 70% of their time during your reception seated at the dining tables. So capitalize on this opportunity to make your event stand out from the crowd by creating memorable tablescapes. China, glassware and flatware are available to enhance the well-appointed “green” table. And using “real” china, glassware and flatware reduces your wedding’s negative environmental impact. Unlike paper or plastic food-service items (that require landfill space and are typically non-biodegradable), rental, with its reuse / recycle model, is environmentally friendly.

Todd White Photography

You’ll have green dishware choices ranging from basic stoneware to the finest bone china. And if you want china that’s not just environmentally friendly, but literally “green”, just ask a rental provider to acquaint you with available options. Gold, silver, rose-gold or even black flatware adds dramatic tabletop flair, and we expect the non-silver flatware trend to continue this year.  Colored glassware, available in casual, vintage or classic styles, helps tie the cocktail period to the reception and adds a pop of unexpected color.

                                                 Jerry Hayes Photo                               Sweet Louise Photography

This season, expect to see new metallic décor and design choices. Geometric shapes will dominate many trendy tables. Copper, which is a great complement to the green color palette, is expected to be last year’s rose gold.

We hope you’re excited about 2017 and ready to incorporate Greenery, along with some of the other trends described here, into your hip, hot and happening 2017 wedding. It’ll be lovely!






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