Questions to Answer Before You Visit Premiere Events

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Events of all kinds have so many moving pieces, and rentals can be a major part of that! Our event consultants are happy to help you figure out the items you need for your event, but there are some questions that only you might know the answer to based on what you’re envisioning and what the rest of your vendor team is doing for the day of.

Here are some frequently asked questions that your event consultant might need answers to, as well as things to consider when planning your rental needs!


  1. Have you already reached out to get a quote? If so, please bring your quote number or the name that is on the quote that’s already in the system.
  2. What is your anticipated guest count? This helps us determine how many of each item you might need. We recommend starting at the highest expected number and reducing your quote or order as you go, so that way you aren’t surprised by your final order total if your guest count goes up!
  3. What is your estimated budget for rentals? When you know how much you have to spend, we can help you decide where to spend your money, what to upgrade, and which items to select.
  4. If a reception, are you doing a seated style or a cocktail style reception? This will determine what style, size, and quantity of tables and chairs you need.

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    1. Where is your event taking place? Private personal property, public lands, business, or event venue.
    2. If at an event venue, does your venue provide any rental items? Many provide certain sizes and quantities of folding tables and chairs, but some even provide linens, decor and furniture pieces and most will list this information on their website or on your rental contract. This will help your consultant determine if you need additional items and what sizes and quantities of linens and items you may need for what they provide.
    3. How much space do you have to work with and how are you thinking about arranging your layout in the space? Don’t forget to leave space for your food stations, bars and beverage stations, DJ or Band, Gift or Sign In Tables, etc.) list of commonly needed items: favors, registration, marketing materials, cake, programs, etc)
    4. Does your venue have trash cans? 
    5. Is any part of your event taking place outdoors? If yes, and your venue does not provide a rain plan option, you may need to rent a tent as your backup. To do so, we will need to know the following information:
        1. Can we stake the tent into the ground, or is the tent going on asphalt or concrete?
        2. If we cannot stake, we will need to use water barrels to weigh down the tent. Is there water access close to the tent site so we can fill the water barrels
        3. How much space do you have available for tenting?
        4. Do you need the tent to have side walls?
        5. Will you need lighting to be installed in your tent? If so, is there power access nearby to plug into?
        6. Will you need any heating or cooling equipment for the tent based on the weather?

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  1. Are you hoping to have your items delivered or are you wanting to pick up and return your items yourself? There are a few of our rental items that are delivery only, however we do have a minimum order subtotal in order to qualify for delivery, based on where your event is located. If your order does not meeting our order minimum, we can recommend a courier service to delivery for you.
  2. If you’d like to do a customer pick up, which location would you like to pick up and return at? We have three locations for pickup and return; Premiere South, Premiere North or Premiere Dripping Springs. We generally do not allow orders of more than 50 chairs or 20 tables to be picked up at locations other than Premiere South. Don’t forget to measure your vehicle to make sure that all of your rentals will fit safely!
  3. Need a delivery and pick up? We’ll need to know when you have access to the location for delivery and pickup. Our standard delivery window is Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (or 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm), and Saturdays 9am-2pm. Any deliveries or pickups scheduled outside of those delivery windows or that need to be at a specific time rather than window will have additional delivery fees.
  4. If we are delivering do you want us to set up your items as well? Set up is only automatically included on our tents, dance floors, and stages. We can set up our tables, chairs, table linens, chair covers, chair ties for an additional fee.

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  1. Have you booked a caterer or bartender? If so, do they provide their own equipment or do you need to rent any of the following items for them: 
      1. Cooking equipment
      2. Tables, and linens for food and bar service
      3. Tabletop Items like glassware, china, flatware, and napkins
      4. Serving trays
  2. What’s on your menu and how it is being served? 
      1. Are you doing a plated meal, buffet line, or food stations?
      2. What dishes will you need for your menu items?
  3. Do you need any rentals for your bar or beverage station? 
      1. What beverages are you serving that you would need glassware for?
      2. Is it a cash bar, open bar, or self service beverage station?
      3. How long is your event?
      4. Do you need coolers or troughs to keep beverages cold prior to service?
      5. Do you need beverage dispensers for guests to serve themselves?




  1. Who is going to set up and breakdown any decor you have or need to rent?
  2. What colors are you primarily using in your wedding decor style?

    Are there any specific items or inspirational photos you are trying to match?


    What are you planning for your centerpieces?

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