Trend Watch: Weddings with Fido

Do you have a four legged furry friend that you want to include in your big day? You’re not alone. We are animal lovers at Premiere Events and we absolutely love seeing pictures of people including their animals on such a special day.

There are a ton of ways that you can make your fur baby feel just as special as you at your wedding. Here are a few that we’ve come up with to give you some inspiration:

  1. Flower Girl/ Ring Bearer: Dress your furry friend in a cute little outfit with the rings attached to their back or give them a flower crown.
  2. Bridesmaid/ Groomsmen: Chances are your furry friend is already one of your best friends, so why not have him as part of the gang?

    Grooms doggo
  3. Best Fur Man/ Fur maid of honor: Do you love your fur baby so much you couldn’t imagine a better person next to you on your big day? Give Fido the highest of honor of being your fur man or maid of honor!

    doggo of honor
    Dog of Honor
  4. Adoptable cats/dogs instead of bouquets: We have seen a trend among animal lovers toward ditching the traditional bouquets altogether and instead, walking the aisle with an adoptable fur baby. How cute is that!?

    doggo bouquet
    Bouquets of Doggos
  5. Ride out into the sunset: In need of a grand exit? Why not use your beloved animal as your ride out into the sunset?

    Sunset Ride

Regardless of what your “fur” baby is (dog, cat, bird, lizard) if you want to include them in your big day, there are countless ways to do so! Just be sure to keep any lifted legs away from the white dress….

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