Trend Watch: Fall Florals

Fall is fast approaching (I know, where did the time go?) and with that comes whole new trends for fall weddings and events. We’ve been keeping an eye on what we think is going to be popular this fall event season, and want to share our thoughts with you.

One thing that will remain popular in the coming months are the “wild bouquets.” These are bouquets that have a little more of a “thrown together” look that works SO well. People are even beginning to take these wild florals from their hands to their tables with “wild centerpieces.” We love everything about this trend.

wild bunches blog

More and more people are beginning to take full advantage of their reception space. This will continue with our fall weddings. There is so much space left unused between the tables and the ceilings, so why not build your centerpieces up? This makes an even grander impression on your guests and will help you get the most bang for your buck with your reception space.

tall blog 2tall blog 1

Love the idea of doing a flower runner on a farm table? You’re in luck. This cascading floral look is incredibly popular and won’t be going anywhere soon for the upcoming fall events. You can even take the garland off of the tables and use them for a backdrop on focal points like the ceremony site, the cake, or even the bar! The options are endless.

© 2016 Marisa Vasquez Photography
Floral by The Flower Girl, Photo by Marisa Vasquez Photography

We will begin to see more warm colors incorporated in the fall/winter weddings and events. Colors like burnt oranges (hook ’em), burgundies, plums, eggplants, and greenery will be ever present in the cooler months to come.

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Keep in mind this is YOUR wedding and YOUR event. You are welcome to do WHATEVER you want to do for your day. Is what you want not in trend? Do it anyway. Do what makes you happy. 

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