Premiere at TRA

Another year of the Texas Rental Association’s Round Up is in the books! This year, we sent six Premiere team members to attend the show. As we bring on new team members, we like to give them the opportunity to attend TRA and ARA. We must say, it was another exciting and successful show!


Once attendees arrived and settled in to their respective rooms at The Hyatt Lost Pines, there was a lunch introduction put on by TRA for all of the guests. At the lunch, we got to meet the new TRA president, Greg Kitchens, and then were introduced to the rest of the TRA board. Our very own, Angela Nussel, serves on this board so she was front and center (and the only female!) on the stage for this. We were then given some information on how much money was spent and how much money was made in the event and equipment rental industry.


After lunch, attendees walked the exhibition floor to take a look at new products to purchase or think about acquiring. On the events side, we saw items like linens, chairs, tables, dance floors, carpeting, tents and so much more!


Friday night was the anticipated steak cookout. Attendees brought their families and chowed down on some delicious steaks and veggies.


The best part of the evening, at least for us, was to see our VP of Administration win the TRA Rental Person of the Year award! We are so incredibly proud of her for such an accomplishment and are honored to work with someone so dedicated to the rental profession!



Saturday wound down with a few options for various classes. Our three rental consultants opted for the social media class and found some helpful tidbits to bring back to Premiere.

After classes were over with, two of our rental consultants who were in attendance took their first CERP exam and PASSED! Way to go ladies!


All in all, it was a wonderful weekend at Hyatt Lost Pines for the annual TRA Round Up and we can’t wait to go again next year!


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