Dessert Options for Your Wedding

There’s nothing better than seeing a big beautiful cake standing tall when you walk into a wedding reception, or is there? These days more and more couples are opting out of the traditional tiered wedding cake in favor of offering their guests different options and expanded choices. 

One of the more innovative trends we are seeing in weddings over the past few years are is couples offering dessert style bars for their receptions. This gives guests the opportunity to sample multiple bite sized sweets. Most guests want something sweet to end the night off, but a big piece of cake is just too much for them. Having the option to “just have a bite” is perfect!

Here are some great wedding dessert bar ideas if you are looking to optimize your sweet treat options:

Donut Bar:


Cookie Bar:


Pie Bar:


Mini Dessert Bar:

mini dessert

Cupcake Bar:


Ice Cream Bar:

ice cream

Like the idea of a dessert bar, but still want those cake cutting pictures? You can do both by ordering a top tier (6” in diameter) for the cake cutting tradition and then save that cake for you and your partner to enjoy later. Your guests won’t mind forgoing cake to enjoy all the bite sized goodies you are offering!

No matter what you decide to do, just have fun with it, because that is what sweets are all about!

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