Make a Difference with your Big Day

Weddings are filled with love, flowers, food and joy. Thankfully there are a multitude of options to extend the love beyond the day and make an impact for others in need. Here are just a few options for you to consider in giving back after your wedding.

The Flowers – the beautiful fresh flowers used during wedding ceremonies and receptions often go to waste after their use. However, you can extend the life of these arrangements by donating them to a nursing home, hospice, or hospital to help lift the spirit of the residents. There are non-profit organizations, such as Floranthropy, that are established to help assist in flower donations. For a small fee to cover the cost of logistics, they will pick up the arrangements after the event and ensure their successful delivery. You can also talk to your floral designer ahead of time as they may have prior experience in coordinating post-event donations.

The Food – you may have the ability to donate food left over after your wedding. While most food banks and food distribution programs often only accept donations of new, prepackaged or canned foods, some homeless shelters and even animal rescue centers may be willing to take your extras. If you are using a professional caterer ask if they have donated before and they may already have a relationship set up for this purpose!

The Dress – while this may indeed be the most sentimental item from your special day it may also have the most impact if you choose to donate it. One option is to donate your dress to an organization such as Angel Wings of Lake Travis. This group of ladies takes the fabric from the donated wedding dresses to make burial gowns to give to families who have experienced the unimaginable loss of their infants. It is a beautiful way to ease their grieving pains by wrapping their angels in love as they are laid to rest. Other options for dress donation include: Wish Upon a Wedding, providing wedding attire to terminally ill brides and grooms aiding in the celebration of their love; Brides Across America,  providing dresses to women who are first responders or a part of the military and experiencing financial hardship. However you choose to donate, know that you are making a very special and powerful impact for the life and love of another.

These are just a few ways to give back during your wedding, but a little creativity and a lot of heart can go a long way in making a difference in the life of those who need love the most.

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