Is Your Event Ready for Cooler Weather?

As we move further into the fall months (especially with mornings like this morning, brr!) we are reminded that it does *occasionally* get cold here in Texas. That said, is your event ready for the cooler evenings that are approaching?

If you haven’t even thought about it, don’t fret. We have a few recommendations on what you can do to keep your guests warm and happy when they are not getting down on the dance floor.

If your event is an outdoor event and there is not an inside area you can use for your plan B, it is always a good idea to have patio heaters or a tent on reserve in case your event is colder than you anticipated. Everyone thinks, “No way, it won’t happen to me!” But trust me, speaking from firsthand experience, it happens and you DEFINITELY want to be prepared. If it looks like it’s going to be cold, every event holder in Texas knows it and are also scrambling to obtain the rentals they need to keep guests warm. Planning ahead is the best way to go when it comes to things like this.

Premiere has a couple of different patio heater options you can use for events that may be just a little brisk. Depending on the weather, these are good for about a 10-15 foot radius. If it is below 50 degrees, you will probably want something with a little more “oomf” to it than these bad boys. Keep in mind, these patio heaters run on propane so they are not meant to go indoors or under a tent. We do have some electrical ones on the way (not in inventory just yet, sorry y’all) that you can use indoors or outdoors as long as they have their own designated outlet.

If it is chillier than 50 degrees (us Texans have thin blood, ya know) you might want to consider tenting your event and adding in a tent heater or four (lol). These heaters can definitely push out some heat and make your guests much happier on a cold evening. Generally speaking, one tent heater can cover about 1,000 square feet of tented space. Now, we know it’s common sense, but you will not get the full benefit of the tent heater unless you put sidewalls on your tent. The tent heater fan goes underneath of the walls and the box sits outside of the tent.


We know if having a tent wasn’t in your original plan, adding it in as a back up plan makes you cringe. But rest easy, there are ways to make the tent just as beautiful as your outdoor event would have been.

Here are some ways to spruce up your plan B:

Clear Top Tents: 


Clear top tents are a good way to showcase your outdoor space while keeping guests warm at the same time. Just keep in mind that depending on the time of year, and the weather, clear top tents can act as a green house and get a little too toasty. This is usually only a problem in the Spring/Summer months, but chat with your event consultant if you are concerned about this.


Sidewalling is a must if you are planning to use a tent heater. Otherwise, you are losing your heat to the outside world, and who wants that? This is also a good way to cut the wind if it is a particularly cold, windy day. We have options of clear, windowed and white sidewalling.

Tent Swag:

Tent Liners

Tent Draping

Thinking you want to jazz up the inside of the tent to hide some of the metal poles, or add depth/softness to the ceiling? We’d recommend considering a tent liner or some ceiling draping. If you want to drape out the tent, or do anything additional to the tent liner, you’ll need to sit down with our Creative Director to talk vision. The possibilities here are really endless!

Leg Drapes:

Leg drapes are a good way to cover up the outside legs and add a little something to your tent. If you are not looking to cover the tent completely (we know, this might put you over your budget) you can cover the tent legs with leg drapes. This is a cost effective way to spruce up your tent all while staying in budget.

Barrel Covers:

White Spandex Barrel Covers pictured (photo by Lisa Hause Photography)

You have the option of white or black spandex barrel covers with Premiere. We have white vinyl barrel covers as well if you are looking for a looser fit to cover your barrels.

French Doors:

Tent French Door

If you are sidewalling your tent, you need to give your guests a way in and out. If you don’t want to leave a gap in between the sidewalls (making it easier for heat to escape) we recommend  you use our french doors.


We also offer lighting options for your tent. Remember, if your event is taking place during sundown (or you are closing off the tent to outside light with a white top tent and sidewalling), you are going to need some form of lighting. We have par can lights and festoon lights from which to choose. You can also team up with a lighting company if you are looking for something more.


mercury hall-0061

Chandeliers are an elegant touch for any tent. You might need one or two depending on the size of your tent. If you are using a large tent, you could need as many as 4-6, just depending. Lighting companies will also have a few more chandeliers from which to choose.

There are, of course, other ways to keep warm during an event, this is just a start. You might also want to consider having a warm beverage station- coffee, cider, hot chocolate, etc. for your guests. This will keep their hands (and their bellies) warm during the event.

Regardless of the weather, and how you choose to “combat” it, your event will be absolutely perfect. We can’t wait to help keep you and your guests covered and warm!


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