Picking your Date in ATX

Heads up, friends. If you didn’t know, engagement season is almost upon us! Soon you will see the posts flowing on Facebook and Instagram of eight new friends who are suddenly engaged over the holiday break. If you are of “engagement age” you know exactly what we’re talking about, don’t you?

Because of this, we thought we’d take this week to talk about picking your wedding date. One of the first things your friends and family will ask (and I’m talking minutes after getting engaged) is “When is the date?” There are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration when picking your date, especially here in Austin, Texas, where there is a city-wide event almost every weekend.

You’ll first want to sit down with your honey and decide if either of you have a preference for season or time of year. If you do, focus on that. Then move onto thinking about what is going on in Austin around that time of year.

We’ve put together a small list of some of the biggins you should be aware of, which you can see below:

Austin Marathon- generally in mid February. While this event is only a portion of the day on a Sunday in February, there are quite a few road closures around Austin for the racers so be aware of that. Especially if your venue falls within the race route.

SXSW- generally 2 weeks in March. SXSW brings people from all over to Austin every year for an average of two-three weeks. Venues and vendors get booked up well in advance. If you are thinking that March could be your month, consider looking into early or late March so you still have your first pick vendors to use.

ACL- generally beginning-mid October. While we love this “two weekender” with live music for days, this event brings in tons of out of towners every year (and a lot of them stay for both weekends). Out of towners means booked hotels, lots more traffic and increased plane tickets.

Formula 1- generally end of October. Another world-wide attraction. While this is technically out of the city limits, there are always a ton of people coming into the city during this weekend long event.

Austin Film Festival- generally end of October- beginning of November. Based out of the Paramount theatre and other places around town, this event brings in film buffs from everywhere.

Wurstfest- generally mid November. While this event takes place in New Braunfels, because Austin is so close in proximity, there are a lot of people who will opt for staying in Austin instead.

Any holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc.). These are big travel dates anywhere you go, so keep that in mind. Airline tickets tend to sky rocket around the holiday season, so you may have people you want there who just can’t make it. Although this could also be a good thing, as a lot of people already travel for these holidays and might be okay with just opting for a different location to meet up with the fam.

If you are ever concerned about a date, chat with your venue. That is the best place to start, especially if you are considering a downtown Austin venue. We are, of course, always happy to be a resource for you as well.

Although there are a ton more events that take place in and around Austin every year, this should be a good starting place for you and your new partner. Regardless of the day, month, or even the year you choose, it will be the perfect day for you and your significant other because it is YOUR day.

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