Entertaining your littlest guests

If you are engaged or planning a wedding, chances are at least one of your guests has a child or children that you are including in your guest list as well. Perhaps they are the flower girl, or the ring bearer or just a good friends little nugget.

If you are planning on having children at your wedding, you are going to want to have some kid friendly activities for them to do. That way, they won’t end up wreaking havoc throughout your reception.

Maybe this is something you’ve thought about but are drawing blanks. Or perhaps you haven’t considered it but are now. Whatever the case may be, we have a few ideas on things you can do to keep the littlest wedding guests entertained.

One of the best ideas you might consider? Hiring a babysitter or two (depending on your little person guest count) for the evening. Now keep in mind, this should be someone you trust fully if you are leaving your, or other people’s children in their care. Having someone around whose sole purpose is to entertain and rally the kiddos allows the parents to let loose a little and enjoy your beautiful nuptial celebration.

Another idea that is sure to be a winner is to have a designated area for the kids. Whether that be their own kid’s table or a “kid’s cove” where they can hang out with other kiddos doing some kid friendly activities.

What might some of those kid friendly activities be, you might ask? Well, we’re glad you did. Here’s what we’ve got for you…

Coloring books. Because who doesn’t love to color? Some of the adults might even join in! You can either order ones that are personalized for your wedding (praise you, Etsy.com you think of everything) or just go pick up a few from one of your local stores. Or better yet, butcher paper on the table for the kids to color directly on. How fun is that?

A card making station for the happy couple. Leave them at the gift station at the end of the night so that they can read them when they open the rest of their gifts!


Pinatas. Because there’s nothing like a good old fashioned pinata smashing.


Bubbles and a bubble refilling station. Do we need to explain more?


I Spy with their own little disposable camera (yes, they still make those).


A scavenger hunt. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt.


Yard games, if you have the space for it. Things like giant jenga, tic tac toe, corn hole and the like. Games like these keep everyone entertained, not just the youngest attendees. You could have them out just for the cocktail hour or leave them out the whole night. Regardless of what you decide, games like these always go over well with a crowd!

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All images taken from Pinterest.com. 

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