In memory of those we wish could be there

If you are planning your wedding and have lost someone who matters to you or your partner, you are likely trying to think of ways that you might honor them on your big day. Whether it be a grandparent, parent, fur baby or a friend, if they mattered to you and you want them present in some way for your wedding, they should be.

Memory tables with pictures of those who have passed have been popular among couples, but now there are even more creative ways to honor those who have since left us. Here are some ideas to honor those we wish could be present that put a twist on the traditional memory table.

Stitching something into your or your partners clothing. Perhaps your loved one had a special shirt they loved to wear, loved palm trees or was very fond of the color blue. Using a fabric of their’s or finding a fabric that displays something they were fond of, is a great way to keep their memory alive on your big day. Stitching it into your clothing will keep them close to you throughout the entire wedding.


A balloon release with all or some of your guests. Or perhaps just you and your honey if you don’t want all of your guests involved. You can tie their name to a tag on the balloon to make it a little more personal. You can do the balloon in a traditional white, or their favorite color. Maybe you’d even like to write a little note on the balloon before it is released?


You can also honor them by putting their picture in your cuff links, including their picture(s) with your bouquet or even including with your boutonniere.

Have you considered a memory wreath instead of a memory table? If space is a concern at your event, this might be a good way to honor your loved ones to be sure you are able to include everyone you want to in your display.


A candle lit to honor loved ones throughout the entirety of the night. Just be sure your venue allows open flame if you decide to go this route.

Quite literally a family tree. If you have an outdoor space with a tree that you are able and allowed to dress up a bit, this is a stunning way to honor loved ones in a unique way.


Reserving a seat or seats for those who have passed. Much like the couple pictured below, you can even dedicate a quiet moment just the two of you to silently remember those you are honoring.


Anything that is personal to you or your soon-to-be, however, is what really matters. It is after all, about who you two want there and it is up to you how you choose to honor them and their memory. Whether that be a public display for everyone to see and honor with you or a quiet moment for you to reflect and show respect, that is entirely up to you.

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