Annual Linen Special

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again! The Bridal Extravaganza has come and gone, which means Premiere’s annual linen special has begun!

Here’s what you need to know…

We are offering 10% off of our basic linens, 20% off of our premium linens and 50% off our elegance linens.

Is it just table linens?

Great question! It is not. You will also receive discounts on our overlays, napkins, table runners and chair ties. The percentage off aligns with what linen category in which the item falls.

How long does the special run?

The special goes from today (01/08) until Saturday 01/27 at exactly 2pm (when we close).

Here’s what you can expect if you book your linen rental during the special….

*BIG savings, so go you!

*Be prepared to pay your linen rental balance IN FULL at the time of booking. You must do this in order to take advantage of the discount.

*Know exactly what you want. Once you book your linen special linens, you cannot go back and change them in ANY WAY. Meaning, no reducing or altering sizes, colors or fabrics. Once you book your linen special rental order, it is final and cannot be changed in any way.

Here is what IS NOT covered in the special….

*Special order linens that Premiere does not have in linen inventory.

*Linens that are out of stock or already booked for another event.

*Any other rentals that are not overlays, table linens, chair ties, napkins or table runners.

How can you book your linen special rental order?

*Stop by any one of our three showroom locations (north, south or Dripping Springs).

*Call any one of our showrooms!

*If you are already corresponding with an event rental consultant, you may place your linen special order with them via email

*Submit an online cart with the linens you are looking for! You will receive a quote back reflecting the linen special pricing! Be sure to book before the sale ends, however, or you will lose out on the savings!

Once the special is over…

*All additional linens added onto an order will be at full rental price.


Feel free to peruse our website for your perfect linen or just to start gathering inspiration:

We’re so looking forward to helping you save money on your upcoming event!



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