Lady in Red

Around this time last month, we teamed up with some of Austin’s best vendors to throw a client appreciation party. We asked our guests to wear red to the event and themed it “Premiere Events and Premiere Select’s Lady in Red Client Appreciation Party.” It was, hands down, one of our favorite events to date. We couldn’t have pulled it off without the amazing team of vendors, and all of our wonderful clients who continue to use and recommend Premiere. Below are some pictures from the event. We hope you enjoyed the evening, and if you weren’t able to attend, we hope you enjoy these pictures!

Lady in Red-1876Lady in Red-1889Lady in Red-1906Lady in Red-1915Lady in Red-1917Lady in Red-1931Lady in Red-1952Lady in Red-1944Lady in Red-1947Lady in Red-1953Lady in Red-1954Lady in Red-1956Lady in Red-1958Lady in Red-1966Lady in Red-1985Lady in Red-1991Lady in Red-1995Lady in Red-2009Lady in Red-2012Lady in Red-2018Lady in Red-2025Lady in Red-2033Lady in Red-2034Lady in Red-2037Lady in Red-2041Lady in Red-2062Lady in Red-2064Lady in Red-2076Lady in Red-2079Lady in Red-2084Lady in Red-2090Lady in Red-2096Lady in Red-2099Lady in Red-2100Lady in Red-2104Lady in Red-2106Lady in Red-2111Lady in Red-2112Lady in Red-2114Lady in Red-2116Lady in Red-2118Lady in Red-2121Lady in Red-2122Lady in Red-2125Lady in Red-2126Lady in Red-2130Lady in Red-2133Lady in Red-2134Lady in Red-2136Lady in Red-2138Lady in Red-2143Lady in Red-2146Lady in Red-2151Lady in Red-2154Lady in Red-2156Lady in Red-2162Lady in Red-2168Lady in Red-2172Lady in Red-2174Lady in Red-2176Lady in Red-2177Lady in Red-2184Lady in Red-2189Lady in Red-2197Lady in Red-2209Lady in Red-2239Lady in Red-2250

Vendors: Premiere Events | Premiere Select | Westwood Country Club | Rachael Hall Photography | Lisa Hause Photography | Austin Event Lighting | The Flower Studio

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