Feedback Session

There are few times throughout the year when all of members of the Premiere Team can be found in one place at the same time.In fact, we can count on one hand how often this happens in any given calendar year.

One of the times we do find ourselves together is typically a Tuesday morning in late Winter or early Spring (normally before or after the SXSW craziness is all said and done). Today was that day for 2018, (picture evidence to prove it, although half the team didn’t end up in the frame).


Our entire team gathered together this March 20th to listen to the feedback we received from some of our loyalty-level clients regarding our performance for the 2017 calendar year.

Every year, upper management schedules and meets with some of our top customers for feedback sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to have a conversation about  where we excel and, alternatively, what  aspects of our performance need a closer look.

In these sessions, we pose questions such as “What more can we do for you?” “How was your experience with the event consultants/delivery crew/warehouse crew?” and so on. The answers we receive really charts how we proceed for the upcoming year. Our entire team takes this feedback to heart and keeps it all top of  mind for every event.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve and make the event rental experience that much better for our event holders and partners. We truly value sitting down and having an open and constructive conversation to figure out how we can do just that.  We are greatly appreciative of those who share their opinions openly and freely with our team, year after year. We are who we are today because of all of you.

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