Your rental decor says a lot

The venue is chosen, the menu is set, now it’s time to decide on all the important elements of decor. For most events, design and decor will require rental support, and that’s where a full-service rental provider like Premiere can help.  Here are some things to consider in choosing the rental items you’ll need for expressing your design and decor vision.

When planning your decor, we recommend starting with the look and feel of the venue and the general concept of the event. Become familiar with the venue’s existing furniture and decor, then decide what you’ll need to complete the picture. Choose one theme and follow your ideas. With such a wide variety of rental options available, everything you order can be aesthetically appropriate and help in creating a unified, cohesive design sure to impress your guests.

Jerry Hayes Photography
AWS2017-16 (1)
Jerry Hayes Photography


It is helpful to create a vision board with all of your decor picks to help make sure things are cohesive. If you have the time and the interest, you can visit one of our three showrooms to see items in person. If there is something specific you’d like to see (like a furniture piece or a bar) you can set up an appointment with us and we will put those items on display for you. You can see the real size of furniture, feel the fabric of the linens in the different collections and choose your flatware and glassware based on your event design. Seeing items in person will give you a better understanding of how to bring your ideas to life. Plus, the showroom could give you even more inspiration or ideas you may not have considered otherwise!

Westwood Christmas 2017-7624
Rachael Hall Photography
MOV Studios

A celebratory ambiance can be created with a very small number of decorative elements. For example, you can replace a whole floral composition by instead using one massive candelabra in the center of the table or by using candles of various heights. For a rustic or boho chic wedding, you can also rent unusual decorative elements, like vintage crates, wooden panel screens (for a photo booth backdrop or room separation), or lanterns.

Westwood Christmas 2017-7615
Rachael Hall Photography
Lisa Hause Photography
Lisa Hause Photography

If you are getting married in the spring or summer, then you will likely have an outdoor aspect to your day. Photos taken in the beautiful Texas outdoors are some of our favorites. Where else can you add a few small lanterns, vases or small end/coffee tables to a field of bluebonnets and have the most stunning backdrop ever?

harvest table
Jerry Hayes Photography
0075_Brio Photography
Brio Weddings


These days, more and more couples turn to non-standard concepts for their wedding. Couples really want to make their celebration unique and memorable to them and their style. And why not? It is your day so it should be uniquely you!

Ranch Line 2
Jerry Hayes Photography
lisahause_electronicarts_548 (1)
Lisa Hause Photography
Sterling Images

Your wedding should reflect the style of you as a couple. You and your soon-to-be have different tastes? Don’t worry. Sometimes, mixing even the most different styles can make for a gorgeously different day. If your venue has sufficient space, you can combine several styles altogether, or even in different areas. Want a modern lounge, rustic bar and cocktail area but eclectic guest tables? No problem! Pick your main concept/design and then accent and enhance that with your other design elements. BUT always keep the unity, quality and good ambiance in mind when designing your event and we promise, it will be the best day ever!

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