Trend watch: late night carb-a-licious

We’re deviating from focusing on our normal decor trend watch and instead are looking to more of an “experience” trend watch. What might this be, you ask? It’s one we think everyone can get on board with…. Late night wedding (or event) snacks.

Have you seen pictures of your friends at weddings who ate a slice of pizza, donuts, tacos or a burger just before the final dances and the grand exit? Did you have as much FOMO as we did?

These days, couples are shying away from the more traditional idea of wedding favors and coming up with more ideas on  creating the perfect wedding experience for their guests. Couples really want their guests to enjoy themselves and walk away from the day saying “that was FUN.”

Well, one way couples are doing that is with a “midnight” snack. We use midnight loosely because you could really do this at the end of your wedding or event regardless of what the start time is.

Think about it, I bet it’s happened to you. You’re at a wedding. You sit through the beautiful exchange of vows, shedding a few tears. You go into cocktail hour and then eventually, you sit down for dinner. After dinner, you and your besties get in your cardio by busting some moves out on the dance floor. What happens after your late night dance party? Well, if you’re like us, you get hungry again. Chances are, you’ll leave the wedding and hit up the closest Whataburger or Taco Bell on the way home. But what if you didn’t have to…?

That’s right! You can treat your guests to your favorite carb-a-licious snack as a “thank you for coming!” How cool (and delicious) is that?

Love the idea but not sure what direction to go in? Rest easy friends, we’ve created a pinterest board just for you.

Think you’re going to do this at your wedding? Let us know what you decide to treat your guests to and send us pics (and ALL of the leftovers)!

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