Trend watch: Winter Weddings

Gone are the days where you can only get married in the fall or spring! Wedding season is officially all year round. Winter weddings are gaining popularity lately and we are so here for that.

Winter weddings generally mean that most vendors are slowing down (keep in mind holiday parties though…) so you might even be able to get your dream venue at a lower rate!

And what’s not to love about a winter wedding? Perhaps it is just us, but when we think about winter, we think about colder (lol, yeah right, Texas) weather, cozy blankets, warm fires and cuddling with our honey. Why not bring all of that to life in your big day!?

Love the idea of a winter wedding but don’t know what direction to take it? We are here for your inspirational needs. Check out a few of the winter weddings we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of below.

2017 Christmas Party-34 (1)

18278825_10212577905073382_1242661342705685342_o - Copy (2)
SMS Photography

AustinCountryClub Christmas-14

AWS2017-16 (1)
Jerry Hayes Photography
lisahause_electronicarts_203 - Copy - Copy
Lisa Hause Photography
Mary-Thomas-90th-Birthday-JFP-046 (1)
Jessica Frey Photography
PearlEventsBrodie12.27.17-35 - Copy (2)
Jerry Hayes Photography
©Leah Muse Photography
Leah Muse Photography
©Leah Muse Photography
Leah Must Photography
Westwood Christmas 2017-7627
Rachael Hall Photography

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