Premiere’s “Salute to Swing” 1940s Party

We had so much fun at our salute to swing party and so appreciate everyone coming out to throw it back to the 1940s with us! We wanted to give a special thanks to the vendor team that helped make this such an unforgettable event: Jessica Frey Photography | Contigo Catering | Cakes ROCK! | Texas Pro DJ | Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co. | Swing Junction | St. Edwards University | We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Ken Sharples, Premiere’s Creative Director who designed the evening, opted for simple decor to fit with the theme and era.

Once guests arrived and rounded the corner to the entrance of the gym, they were greeted by two big American flags. Once inside, guests were prompted to strike a pose in front of a patriotic 1940s themed step-and-repeat.

After taking their pictures, guests made their way inside the gym where the party took place. There were tables set around the gym for guests to sit and relax, eat, or take a break from dancing. We used polyester linens in red, white and blue with red, white and blue balloons and tinsel decor for the center pieces.

The dance floor was in the middle of the gym and Swing Junction dancers were showing us their moves. Later in the night, they even invited guests for a little lesson where we learned how to do the Charleston and more!

There were two bars set up, staffed by the fabulously dressed Marvelous Tea ladies in time-specific nurse attire. Guests could choose from beer, wine or our signature cocktail “Loose Lips Might Sink Ships,” which was a cheerwine and bourbon cocktail (and was dangerously delicious).

Contigo Catering served passed appetizers that were items like grill cheese, deviled eggs and pigs in a blanket. As the event began, the buffet table was opened up and guests were treated to macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie, meatloaf sliders and rolls. And let me tell you, it was all D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.

Once making their way through the scrumptious bites from Contigo, guests were treated to sweet treats from Cakes ROCK! The sheet cake they provided even featured items that were abundant during war time and kept with the 1940s event theme. It was all SO perfect and scrumptious.

Once the dancers were finished entertaining guests, Austin favorite, Miles of Texas Pro DJ (dressed perfectly for the event as well) began mixing up tunes from all different eras.

We really couldn’t have done this party without the amazing vendor team who lent their talents to the evening. We so appreciate everyone who was there in body or spirit!

Didn’t make it to the event? We’re sad to hear that. Did make it to the event? We loved partying with you! Either way, we know you want to see some pictures so without further adieu… Check out some of the pictures from the evening taken by Jessica Frey Photography:


We’ll be uploading the full album to our Facebook page. Be sure to like us so you won’t miss this update or any others!

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