Trend watch: colored candles

Having an event and want to add some additional color to your tabletop decor? Have you considered using colored candles? If not, you’ll want to. We love this trend and love how many colors there are to choose from these days. Want to make your event moody? Add some black candles to your table. Want to lighten up the mood and play off of your florals? How about some yellow or pink candles? The options are endless here.

Colored candles are a great way to continue a color theme or add in a whole new color altogether. Need some examples? Here are a few pictures of events that have use various colored candles to beef up their tabletop decor.

Angela Lally Photography, designed by Uptown Events & Travel
Photographed and designed by High Beam Events
Premiere-Reception-62 (1)
Jerry Hayes Photography, designed by The Whitt Experience
©Leah Muse Photography
Leah Muse Photography, designed by Springdale Station
Breanna McKendrick Photography, designed by The Flower Girl 

Don’t you just love it?! Some of them used colors already in their color scheme to play off of the other decor, while others introduced a new color entirely to add a real pop to the table. Whichever way you decide to go, you can’t go wrong.

Need more inspiration on this trend? Follow us on Pinterest and check out our board dedicated entirely to this colored candle trend!

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